Tomorrow: I’m Preaching The Lyrics 2 A Taylor Swift Song!

Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow morning at Destiny Family Center, I am preaching from the lyrics of a new Taylor Swift song… and it will be a Sunday to remember! Seriously, I’ve cried thirty times this week thinking about this message.

More than a message, it’s the anthem of this moment to a very special group of people.

I cannot believe I am admitting this. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan! It all started one day when I was riding in the car with my daughter, Heaven BalsamoLove Story came on the radio and Heaven turned it way up… and I turned it down for a second just to tell her, “I LOVE THIS SONG!” Lol, and we started to sing it at the top of our lungs… and she said, “Dad, guess what? I have this song on my ipod, let’s listen to it again!” And we did, again and again… until we sang every word!

Love Story


What I love about Taylor Swift is how she writes her own songs… and she puts her heart out there like few singers and song writers I’ve ever heard! Taylor Swift is happy and romantic and her songs make people feel ALIVE in a way that brings us to tears!

Thoughts About Tomorrow’s Message

I’ve never been more happy to be alive. If loyal friends had monetary value, I would be one of the top 10 richest people on earth! In real life, there is something more than money and possessions. What are experiences without people to share them with?

If you live long enough, you may reach those moments when the mountains will seem like they are never going to move. Your dreams will flee away from you… much faster than you can run, until they seem to be lost forever. And if you let your dreams race ahead, but you spend your time on the things you can control: like the kind of person you are becoming and the kinds of people you’re adding to your dream team… suddenly, you will feel new winds in your sails… and you will be racing into the sunset, until your ship does intersect with the horizon of your dreams. The mountains will move, the dragons will fall… and history will remember the people you became and the things you did together.

Here is the song…

Long Live


“This song is about my band and my producer and all the people who have helped build this brick by brick. The fans, the people who I feel are in it together. It talks about the triumphant moments that we’ve had in the last two years. I’ve had a lot of different kinds of moments in the past two years but there’s been a lot of triumphant ones where we just jump up and down and dance like we don’t care how we’re dancing and just scream at the top of our lungs ‘how’s this happening?’ and I feel very lucky to even have had one of those moments none the less all the ones that I got to have. I wrote a song about how I feel reflecting on it. This song for me is like looking at a photo album of all the award shows and all the stadium shows and all the hands in the air in the crowd. It’s sort of the first love song I’ve written to my team.”

-Taylor Swift

See you tomorrow!

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy.

Chuck Balsamo

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5 thoughts on “Tomorrow: I’m Preaching The Lyrics 2 A Taylor Swift Song!

    • It should be your theme song… these are going to be the days of you life! God and everyone around you are so proud of the person you’ve become! 🙂

  1. I have to admit, I don’t listen to Taylor Swift’s music. I’m sure I’ve heard it – but just not realized it’s hers. I do hear a lot of praise for her singing, though.

    I hope sometime after tomorrow’s sermon, you’ll let us know how it went and how the congregation liked it! I pray every week for your Sunday sermons!

    • Shelley, this one song I’m preaching about is all about moving mountains and slaying giants. It’s so entirely encouraging to any person or team who has fought hard with little success… and who is right now on the brink of something big! As I wrote in a recent blog, we have to permit ourselves to rise… we have to live beyond the graves… we have to wash our faces from the tragedies of days and years gone by… this is our time! Here is the link to that blog:

      Shelley, thank you for encouraging me over these recent months. You have been a very big part of THIS teams success! You are loved way down here in the southern USA. Have an amazing day!

  2. I have always liked Taylor Swift songs, but Ashley got me hooked while she played me the song about the little girl growing up. Taylor lives a big life and all of her songs make me feel ALIVE just as you said. They also make me believe that I can do all things that Christ wants me to.

    I just finished two studies one on JOY and one on Believing God. My heart is bursting with belief that I am a on a verge of a breakthrough with God. I have found a new peace of mind in God. I am no longer anxious and overwhelmed with not knowing. I am content. There I said it content. God has been dealing with me on this for a few months now. I will be content in HIM.