Stop Being Average-Refine Your Talent-Give Us Your Best!

Happy Thursday Everyone! I saw this video on Vickie Rankin’s facebook wall and it blew my mind, so I’m posting it here for you guys! If you haven’t heard this before, be inspired! If you have, be inspired again… and again! Her name is Jackie Evancho… the tiny child with the extraordinarily big voice and perfect […]

Amazing Tim Tebow Interview-Video!

Happy Monday! I’m sure you’ve heard of Tim Tebow. Just in case you haven’t, here’s his inspirational story and his 2010 Heisman Trophy speech… httpv:// This morning, I watched the following interview on about Tim Tebow… and I thought about chapter 15 of my soon to be released book. Watch the video, then read […]

Love And Get Loved!

Happy Saturday! Life is measured by the condition of our relationships. You can have possessions and (shallow) popularity, a house and a great career… but without people to share it with, life is… empty. You’ve heard the saying, “As long as we have each other, we will make it through this.” Disaster with faith and […]