Make Me A Legend Official Cover Art

Happy Wednesday!

Here is the final cover art for Make Me A Legend!

Also, I found out yesterday (drum roll please)… the book will be available to me, and to the people in my network (you guys) on August 15 (just a little more than two months from today)!

We’re still negotiating the official national release date (the date it hits bookstores, amazon, etc.). It should be no more than a month after the August 15 pre-release… just long enough for you and me to make it the next viral message!

Jonathan Woodard (of Potomac Creative) will be setting up the website for pre-sale orders within the next two weeks. Please standby, as we initiate the final LAUNCH PROCEDURE!

These are wonderful days my friends!!

Have a very happy Wednesday! With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy!

Chuck Balsamo

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8 thoughts on “Make Me A Legend Official Cover Art

  1. This is the coolest and most satisfying cover ive seen i mean it makes me want to read it in the store just seeing where it looks like its gona take me !!!!! WOW the cover itself is gona make people not be able to pick up this book and the statement at the botton is just more icing on the cake !!!!!!!!!(NO PUN INTENDED HEAVEN )THE COVER IS NOTHING SHORT OF ANOTHER PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW THE HOLY SPIRIT LEADS AND GUIDES WHEN GOD IS IN CHARGE OF SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING STUFF CHUCK ITS BEEN A PLEASURE KNOWING YOU ALL THESE YEARS AND THATS JUST THAT !!!!!!