Ordinary is the Destroyer of Impartation!


Happy Thursday!

It’s 11:30am… I’m in my office listening to Jake Condra’s voice notes for his upcoming Wednesday night sermon at Destiny Family Center. It’s such a powerful message… infused with heart and hope from beginning to end! God is all over it! I can’t wait to hear this message LIVE in front of our congregation on June 22nd.

When Jake was leaving my office yesterday, he turned and said, “I want you to know how much I appreciate your mentorship in my life. Growing up pretty much without a father was tough for me… and I consider you my spiritual father. I never want to take that for granted, because you’ve made a huge difference in my life. I want to become just like you.”

Then today, I received a call from Joel Gunn and just before the call ended Joel said, “I just want you to know how much I respect you as a man of God. You’ve been such a good friend to me, really one of the greatest friends of my whole life. I can’t describe to you how much better I am because of you. I’ve just been thinking that I don’t want to miss your mentorship by treating you like my pal. I want to honor you as my mentor so that God can give me everything He has for me through you Pastor Chuck.”

I’m touched by these two conversations… moved to tears.


Because this is the highest honor, and the truest meaning of LIFE for a leader!

Ordinary is the Destroyer of Impartation

Since I’ve never been authoritative in my leadership, people usually stumble at my kindness. I’m far too personable and far too accessible, so I become ORDINARY real fast with most people. “Ordinary” is the destroyer of impartation.

Expectation Regulates Impartation

Unless you expect to learn something from someone, you usually wont. The higher you esteem a person, the more influence they will have on you. Raise your expectations and you open the flow of impartation… from your mentor. Lower your expectations and you will close the flow.

Honor is a Choice

Oftentimes, familiarity breeds contempt. When that which is precious becomes ordinary, it is replaceable. As you get to know people, you see their flaws… and if you are looking for flaws, you will find many of them.

Everyone has flaws. You must be very careful not to lower your expectations when you notice a flaw. Honor is a choice!

Honor Your Mentors

Since most great mentors wont demand submission from their apprentices, it is the apprentice’s responsibility to honor the mentor… from introduction, to familiarity, and beyond!

People come and people go. I always do my very best to accelerate the destiny of everyone I meet. Over time, there have been a few people who have REALLY recognized the blessing that is on my life… even more than I have recognized it myself. These people will be glad they did!


Because they are accelerating their destiny by honoring me as their mentor. Their ultra high expectations are opening the gate of impartation from me to them.

Impartation: to transmit, or bestow a quality on.

Impartation is best illustrated in the exchanges between Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, and Paul and Timothy.

The heart, character, and skill of a person CAN be CAUGHT by another. Recognizing the gift that is on a person raises expectations, generates honor… and opens the flow!

Honoring My Own Mentors

Thanks to Jake and Joel, I am thinking about better ways to honor my own mentors. Even though a few of mine have invited me into their friendship circles, I never want to treat as common, that which is precious to me… and thus forfeit my opportunity to learn from them.

Some people don’t understand this, and some people will argue with me that there is nothing wrong with getting too close with a mentor. I’m not teaching against closeness. I’m just saying that ORDINARY IS THE DESTROYER OF IMPARTATION… so be careful.

Let’s think of way that we can better honor our mentors: Pastors, Coaches, Bosses, Parents, and other Leaders over us. Have you become overly familiar with a mentor… so much that you’re lowering the person who is OVER YOU to RAISE YOU UP? Be radical about this. Make the choice to honor your mentors on a much higher level. Open the flow of impartation today.

Photo taken from: The Bridge Church

That’s all I have time to say this afternoon… I’m praying for your success!

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!

Chuck Balsamo

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11 thoughts on “Ordinary is the Destroyer of Impartation!

  1. After reading today's blog, I find myself just as grateful as the others who are continually blessed by your mentorship. As I complete various projects and partner with other ministries in the coming months, you will see how your ministry to me helped me to reach out to countless others…blessings are chasing me down

    • Christine, I love to hear this… that blessings are chasing you down! Please tell me more! What are a few things you’ve changed about your life over the past 12 months? Your story inspires me. 🙂

      • I made a decision to fast and surrender to GOD in a different way on January first… not because I wanted to make a new years resolution but because I was tired of being sick… I wanted healing and deliverance…not another band aid…without a doubt, God was, is, and will always be here with us.

  2. You inspire alot more people then you realize, maybe more people should tell you this so you will know how much you mean to all of us. I know that i have never had a pastor as passionate and as compassionate as you are. You are always available to everyone of your flock and i know sometimes it probably cuts into your time to relax and rejuvenate yourself. But because you are the person you are everyone wants to be close to you. I know the 7 years i have known you, not only have you inspired me as a pastor but also as a friend. You have changed so many lives at Destiny, i don't think you realize. I really think that you are the reason so many people come to Destiny because we all know you have a real blessing from God on your life. You are a light in the darkness. Thank you for all you have done.

    • Hey Walt! Your honor has given me SO MUCH strength and inspiration through the years. You are another one of those RARE kinds of people I wrote about in this blog. Thank you for changing my life with the confidence you have in me. You are a true friend and a great man of God! 🙂

  3. Pastor Chuck you are an AMAZING man of God. You have loved, mentored, taught, and inspired my entire family. I will never be able to thank you enough for being Joel’s Spiritual Father, he absolutely adores and respects you more than anyone in this world. Your love and proper shepherding compelled Joel to want to know God. You are a key piece of his salvation puzzle and thus will be a key piece of his ministry puzzle. I am looking forward to hearing your message on Sunday, and every time I hear you, I learn from you. You come prepared, full of passion, and excited to share the new revelation that God imparts to you, that is why you are a GREAT teacher, you practice what you learn and then teach it others. You help all of us to be our best and to believe in ourselves for greatness. I hope you know how loved and honored you are. You make me want to be a better example for my kids by the way you are so loving with your children. You make me want to be a better wife, because you are such a good husband to Emily. I love you entire family like I love my biological family.
    Thank you and Happy Father’s Day Chuck!

    • Caroline, I’m just credited with an assist on this one! Joel has your HEART… and what a beautiful person he is becoming! It is such an honor to be scripted (by GOD) into Joel’s epic life story! He has LEGEND written all over him. I can’t WAIT to see Joel Gunn 10 years from today. Thank you for the kind words. You always make me feel like a champion. Tomorrow it is!!!! DFC-Father’s Day & The Warrior Spirit of a Man! Can’t wait.

  4. Pastor Chuck, I have known you forever 🙂 and I have so much respect for you as a Pastor, a husband, a father and a leader. I’m honored to hear you preach, and to get the best encouragement from you. Thank you Pastor for being who God has created you to be no matter who doesn’t like it. God created you in His image and He’s perfect. Just saying 🙂

    • Lacey, I’m speechless… that you would take time to bless me while you’re in the hospital fighting for the life of your unborn baby! You and Jason are rare beyond words!! Love you and praying for Lila! 🙂

  5. im beyond impressed and inspired reading this blog; honesty i've been thinking, praying, and struggling about how can i impart 'the Impartation' i have caught from my spiritual father to my spiritual children these days; and this thing that you wrote is like the answer for me. Today, i feel so honored to be under somebody – in fact i always wanted to get under – and to serve under them. And its just poped in my heart that the word 'honor' is the key of receiving the impartation .. the hardest thing of these thing are getting close to them while putting a value into their life until one day they can also 'honoring me' like i honor my leaders and you. i guess im just need to keep setting the example of honoring, respecting, and also submit to my leaders so they can follow my example. AHA! Thank you Ps Chuck, Now i really want to meet you face to face …

    • Esslythe! Thank you always for the kind words. Maybe I can come to Indonesia on my book tour. I need to figure out how to print my books in your language… going to speak with my publisher about this. 🙂