My 3Month Plan!

Last night in prayer meeting, I wrote a specific 3month plan for my life.

  • Polish My Faith
    • Read the Bible far more intensively than usual. 10-15 chapters each day.
    • Study (focused) as I prepare and instruct the next three Life Christian University courses.
    • Read and meditate on “I Don’t have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist,” “Sun Stand Still,” “Erasing Hell,” and a few other great “faith” books.
    • Watch live webcasts and on demand content from great teachers of the Christian faith.
    • Attend a few conferences and revival meetings where I am not the speaker.
  • Deepen Family Relationships
    • Focus on bringing my wife and children as close as possible.
    • Read the bible together, pray more frequently together, attend conferences and revival meetings together.
    • Do something deeply compassionate together.
  • Refresh My Mind
    • Make time DAILY for rest and entertainment-no matter how intense my schedule becomes.
    • Work with my coach to establish a new era of balance in my life.
    • Chose to minimize problems and obstacles.
    • Chose to maximize (magnify) God’s power and God’s promises with higher praise (toward God) and an attitude of gratitude.
  • Up My Worship
    • Spend more time DAILY in prayer while listening to worship music.
    • Get my hands on 3-5 new worship cd’s immediately.
    • Be more focused during the worship sets at Destiny Family Center. Believe for a greater reality of God.
  • Prepare My Fellow Leaders For Next Level Success
    • Work with my ministry coach to create the perfect leadership structure. Eliminate grey areas in the ministry. New and clear job descriptions for every ministry position.
    • Train 5 preachers to fill in when I am absent.
    • Refine our purpose statement and cast the clearest, most specific vision to date.
  • Release 5000 Copies Of Make Me A Legend
    • This needs to be accomplished before the November 1st national release.
    • Create a video advertisement for my website.
    • Schedule strategic speaking engagements.
    • Recruit volunteer enthusiasts who will herald the book through the social network.
    • Conduct radio and television interviews.
    • Have a creative meeting with Jonathan Woodard, Dan Hendricks and anyone else who is interested at the highest level.

Just thought you guys might benefit from this creative flow. Maybe this list will inspire a new list of goals for your next three months. I’d love to read your thoughts!

Exciting News: People are ordering Make Me A Legend on the newly launched Order “Make Me A Legend Page!” Pre-order your copies today (Shipping on August 22nd).

I hope to see you on Sunday morning… my first full sermon in three Sundays!

Todays photo taken from Alissa Finerman.

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy!

Chuck Balsamo

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6 thoughts on “My 3Month Plan!

  1. Great, God-breathed list and so inspiring. I may be able to help with the last section. I’ll be in touch soon. Congratulations ahead of time for the new life you are about to live!

    • Hazel!!! Wow, how are you guys these days? I still talk to Aswan from time to time… and to Kim. Bring me up to date in one paragraph? I just read your “About Hazel” on facebook and I’m SO INSPIRED: what a life mission! I’m praying for you and your family and friends this morning. Have a very happy day. 🙂

  2. Great ideas! My 3month plan is due tomorrow and this has helped tremendously! Thank you, keep up the great work, and good luck to you in your new life.