Countdown: 4 (the Final Four FREE Book Contest)

Happy Wednesday!

Congratulations again to Derek Seah for winning yesterday’s high-five contest. He actually high-fived 115 people and said the phrase: high-five, first-release, Make Me A Legend!

Are you ready for today’s contest? Here it is…

To celebrate the final four days to our first release, we’re doing the Final Four Free Book Contest. Again, the winner will be awarded a FREE MMAL SIGNED HARDCOVER edition, with a special authors note!

To qualify, simply complete the following four fun and easy assignments before 9pm tonight. Then at 9pm, the winner will be chosen from a hat.

  1. Post a pencil drawing from your own hand depicting the impact you feel Make Me A Legend will have on society! Draw the picture, take a photo of the picture, and post it on facebook with a written description… and the following MMAL book link:
  2. Write a four line hypothetical testimonial… about how you hope to feel after reading Make Me A Legend. Post your hypothetical testimonial on facebook… also with the MMAL book link.
  3. Post the MMAL book link on four facebook walls… with a very compelling introduction!
  4. Verbally describe Make Me A Legend to four new people… and invite them to the first release meeting (10am Sunday, August 28 @ Destiny Family Center, Stuarts Draft VA).

After you’ve completed all four assignments, leave us your name in a blog comment so you can be included in the drawing.

Since this is the week of pre-release for MMAL, here is another great endorsement…

Chuck Balsamo won’t stop praying, preaching and writing until an epic spiritual tsunami engulfs the world. As you read this book, watch out—the tsunami may start with you!

Jim Buchan, Senior Staff Writer

Inspiration Ministries (INSP Channel)

Charlotte, North Carolina

If you haven’t already done this: order your copies fast so you can be one of the pioneering readers! The only place to order this book (and receive it) before November 15th is here on this website. Please continue to pray for us and help us spread the great news by tweeting, facebooking, phone calling, texting, and yelling from tall buildings… this is our sprint to the finish… let’s do it together!

If you really want to help out, please post the following link all over the internet a hundred times over the next 6 days.

Thank you so much for caring! I just finished praying for you. Have a beautiful Wednesday. With much love…

Here is a video for motivation… It’s The Final Countdown!


Dream big, Live Bold, and Make a Difference!


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2 thoughts on “Countdown: 4 (the Final Four FREE Book Contest)

  1. So I can’t draw worth poo because I wasn’t given that talent…. However Justin and I both agreed on a beautiful image that we wish we could draw. Since I can’t draw it I’ll explain it.

    You are sitting on the side of a lake. Peacefull day. No breeze. The water is perfectly still. Small fish coming to the surface to begin a small ripple but nothing that actually continues very long. You throw a small rock in the water and watch the ripples cascade across the top. Then pick up a bigger one to see how far the ripples will go from there. These small ripples are small impacts that Christians make in other peoples lives. Like giving someone a compliment or smiling to another person. Nothing huge just a small thing. The larger the rock gets the further the ripples go. Like inviting someone to church. Stepping over that line and actually telling someone about christ yourself.

    Your book, Pastor, is going to be something a lot more than a big rock. It will be like when Moses parted the red sea. I kinda see it like God throwing lighting down into the lake. The waters parting in the one spot where the bolt hits. Leaving a ripple, that’s not so little, overflowing into campsites and fields. (Or other countries and hitting all over the world) It’s going to start something so much more bigger than we ourselves can do on our own. We have to have God to help us with it.

    I know that this book has come with lots of tears, joyful moments, and has God’s hand all over it. I can’t wait to see the ripple that it has on the world 🙂

    -The Godbey’s

    • Deborah, I was starting to wonder if I was scaring people off with the contests. lol, really, the silence yesterday kind of freaked me out. I’m hoping the drawing request was too much!

      Just wanted you to know that your story and your words have blessed me SO much this morning. Thank you for believing these things about MMAL. Please keep praying that God will benefit from my 5 years of sacrifice and obedience to His command to write it. There are so many forces hindering every step of the process… I pray that Sunday’s first release will STRIKE a paralyzing blog to the enemy, and shift the momentum all the way in our favor! I pray that THIS IS the moment we’ve been seeing in our visions…