Countdown: 5 (the FREE book high-five contest)

Happy Tuesday!

Would you like to do something fun with me today? Since we are five days from the first release of Make Me A Legend, I’m asking you to high-five everyone (keep track of your total high-fives), and say the following phrase to each person: “Five Days, First Release, Make Me A Legend!”

Let’s practice! Raise your hand now with a high-five motion and say it: “Five Days, First Release, Make Me A Legend!”

When people ask you what that means, explain your excitement and send them here to

Then throughout the day, record your total high-fives here on the blog… and the person with the most high-fives (and produces at least ONE book sold) will win a FREE MMAL SIGNED HARDCOVER edition, with a special authors note! Contest begins NOW and ends tonight at 9pm.

Since this is the week of pre-release for MMAL, here is another great endorsement, from international worship leader Kent Henry:

Make Me A Legend is a once in a lifetime book that will ignite deep hope in every reader. This hope will fuel your desire for seeing and believing in destiny again. You’ll realize that there really is time to yet fulfill it.

These pages are so personal and passionate; it will move you to new and higher places of change and caring. From the very first chapter Beauty is Sleeping . . .  an awakening begins to happen. In the chapter Get A Dream . . . fresh vision will sweep over you that it’s never to late to begin. And then a new understanding of your value and importance will unfold as you read Untame Yourself.

It is rare that a book could overcome so much of the negative in our lives, while at the same time setting a new course for Tomorrow’s Great Hope.

This book will be good for your heart and illuminating to your mind. Don’t delay, don’t over think it, just pick it up, and take it in and go to new horizons today.

Worship Leader Kent Henry

Kent Henry Ministries

Chesterfield, Missouri

If you haven’t already done this: order your copies fast so you can be one of the pioneering readers! The only place to order this book (and receive it) before November 15th is here on this website. Please continue to pray for us and help us spread the great news by tweeting, facebooking, phone calling, texting, and yelling from tall buildings… this is our sprint to the finish… let’s do it together!

If you really want to help out, please post the following link all over the internet a hundred times over the next 6 days.

Thank you so much for caring! I just finished praying for you. Have a beautiful Tuesday. With much love…

Dream big, Live Bold, and Make a Difference!


PS: People are asking about kindle and nook versions. The answer is YES! Unfortunately, we couldn’t make these available for the pre-release… so you’ll have to wait until the national release on November 15. Maybe you can order an old school paper version keepsake now (to have a head start on the rest of the world) and get the e-version in November? Just a great suggestion! (cheese smile)

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11 thoughts on “Countdown: 5 (the FREE book high-five contest)

  1. I made 96 contacts and sold 2 BOOKS!

    Lisa Rankin can’t get to your blog right now but she is high-fiving at work and has collected one BOOK order!

    • Good job you guys!!! I figured we would have quite a few people reporting high numbers on the high-fives, but I didn’t figure there would be too many books sold. The goal was to spread your excitement… and that seems to be happening, so the book orders are an added blessing! Thank you everyone, keep reporting, keep competing… at the end of the day, someone is winning a FREE Hardcover Edition Make Me A Legend book… signed with a special note! High-Five everyone, First Release, Make Me A Legend!

  2. I have your blog “widget” posted on my Photo websites so I have no clue as to how many people will get high five’d today from those sites! Well, I guess my analysis will show but I don’t know if who orders books from it but I do know I have been (even before today) posting exposure of your blog. I would encourage others to do the same. Just click on the widget and it copies the code for you to paste onto your website.

  3. It’s almost 7pm… ‎2 hours left on the FREE book contest-Kristin leads w/ 96 high fives-2 resulting book orders. Plenty of time for the challengers!! Please record your final results by 9pm EST.

    Thanks you for the LOVE everyone. God bless you all. (smile)

  4. Congratulations to Derek Sea of Stuarts Draft, VA (a local). He works at Subway and literally high-fived 115 individuals, and he created one book order! WOW, impressive.

    I would love to hear all of your results as soon as you get a chance to post them here.

    Thank you EVERYONE for everything you did to make this a FUN and FRUITFUL day. You really made a difference. Love you all…