Countdown: ONE Day to Impact!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Can you guess what I’m doing right now? YES, I’m signing books in preparation for tomorrows Make Me A Legend First Release! Are you coming? Are you thinking about it? If you leave RIGHT NOW, you can still get here from just about anywhere in the world. I’m including details about tomorrows event in the bottom of this blog. Come on, surprise me! lol

I will never forget yesterday, August 26, 2011. Riding with Kevin Huffer (and Emily and Heaven Balsamo) to pick up those 5000 pre-release books was a highlight of my life for sure.

A Brief Summary of Yesterday’s Adventure…

  • 10:00am– Departed Destiny Family Center parking lot, with four hyper people, in a beautiful black Escalade, towing an empty trailer.
  • 12:30pm– Ate at an Olive Garden somewhere inside the PA border. (I was juice fasting)
  • 2:00pm– Arrived at Destiny Image headquarters, toured the facility, and met some of the people who worked on my book. Kevin Huffer worked with the shipping department to load the freight. (packed up tight in case of rain)
  • 3:00pm– Left for home with 5000 pure gold nuggets. Due to a problem with the trailer, we had to avoid interstate highways. The trip home took 6 hours, but the scenery was priceless!
  • 9:00pm– Arrived at Destiny Family Center, was greeted with raving fans, and unloaded 130 boxes of 39 books each… was VERY fun, we laughed and celebrated the enormity of that moment together.
  • 10:30pm– Went into my office, contemplated God’s blessings, and thanked Him in prayer.
  • 12:00am– Drifted to sleep dreaming with Emily about the future.

Photo’s From Yesterday…

Attend the Make Me A Legend – First Release Celebration!

  • TOMORROW, August 28 @ Destiny Family Center, Stuarts Draft VA.
  • (DFC is also celebrating 9 years of transformational ministry)
  • Free coffee and donuts (local bakery made) from 9:30-10:00.
  • Celebration and worship with the DFC worship team!
  • A dynamic, inspirational, motivational, and transformational message from ME. (lol)
  • Book signing and free lunch to everyone, starting @ 12:00 noon.
  • If you are planning to attend, please click “attending” on the newly created Make Me A Legend Release Facebook Event Page.

Order Make Me A Legend!

If you haven’t already done this: order your copies fast so you can be one of the pioneering readers! Especially, if you’re ordering the signed hardcover edition, so I can sign your book ahead of time! The only place to order this book (and receive it) before November 15th is here on this website.

Help Us Spread The Excitement!

Please continue to pray for us and help us spread the great news by tweeting, facebooking, phone calling, texting, and yelling from tall buildings… this is our sprint to the finish… let’s do it together! Please share the following link all over the internet a hundred times over the next 6 days.

Thank you so much for caring! I just finished praying for you. Have a beautiful Friday. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!


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