Make Me A Legend – First Reviews!!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday, I signed books for the entire interval between church and Bible college, while sipping on a delicious fruit smoothy. Everyone seemed to be genuinely happy about this moment… thrilled out of their minds about holding the miracle in their hands. It was awkward signing my book for friends and family… awkward, but a moment when I felt like a champion in front of people who matter so much to me. Priceless.

Today, we’re processing our first shipping orders! We’re shipping to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and all over the USA! Place your order fast and we’ll send it today!

First reviews are coming in from yesterday… just as I had hoped and expected, people are loving every page, paragraph, and sentence.

Here are a just a few of the messages I’ve received:

I am so sleepy but I can’t put this book down, can’t stop reading. Pastor Chuck’s Make Me A Legend is unbelievably inspiring, personal and most passionate books I have ever read and I am only on (Celebrate Your Progress)!

-Donna Hawkins

When you have two children write in the front of a book (the preface and the forward) like Coree and Heaven did that in itself is just as great or an even greater accomplishment than the book itself, Chuck!!! When I read them both I cried so hard I couldn’t see to read them at times!!!! Whatever you did while raising them could be another book of its own, what an accomplishment in the way you all have raised your family… maintained a church family, and kept such a beautiful relationship with your family!!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!

-Doug Brooks

I have to say that I totally agree with what Doug said!!! I can only hope and pray that my children will love me THAT much! WOW!!!!! Feeling so very blessed to be a part of DFC right now!! And honored to have such an amazing Pastor and his family!!

-Amber Rexrode Hendricks

“‎Now is the time for His followers to stop being so timid about the future… its time to stop kicking cans and looking down on ourselves.” -Chuck Balsamo, Make Me A Legend. Great sentence, sums up today’s society. I cannot put this book down, no other words to describe it other than outstanding so far! So glad to see that chucks faith has led him to this. Think of the things we can accomplish if we put everything out on the table for God in our own lives. The world would truly be a better place and there would be many more “legends.”

-Derek Seah

I can’t believe I’m on my sofa and under a blanket, reading this book! I keep looking up at the top of the page and see, “Make Me A Legend”… it’s so unREAL!

-Kristin Via

I started your book tonight, and from the first paragraph I am hooked. You have inspired me to write my first book; my sister and I are writing a book about my mom. It is going to be called, The Red-Headed Warrior Woman… And Her Battle With Cancer. Thank you for making a way for the rest of us with dreams.

-Caroline Law

Chuck Balsamo just released his book and its poppin! Make Me A Legend, by Chuck Balsamo check it. Could push you off your spiritual edge!

-Joel Gunn

Rich and I can’t even get through the preface and Forward without tearing up. Heaven and Coree are incredible writers too!

-Melanie Stuber

Ok so I started reading the book Make Me A Legend this evening, which by the way, my Pastor Chuck Balsamo wrote! It has brought me to tears already. I have felt the heart of Coree and Heaven and the love they have for their father and mother! I can feel Pastor”s passion right through the pages I read! Amazing! So honored to have such an awesome pastor!

-Theresa Moore

GOSH-can I get through the book without tears???? I just read the preface and forward… and I’m so proud of you!!!

-Rose Schleifer

I started reading my Pastor’s book today and it’s even better than I expected! And No, you can’t have mine, it’s special! Go to and order one. You will love it, trust me!

-Vickie Rankin

OMG this book make my eyes feel like they are holding bars of gold, HIS presence is so thick on this book!

-Ricky Lee Wade

Other reviews are spreading like fire all over facebook and twitter!

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Thank you everyone.

with much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!

Chuck Balsamo

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7 thoughts on “Make Me A Legend – First Reviews!!

  1. Sooo sorry we missed it yesterday! I was planning on coming to DFC but all 3 of my kiddos were sick. The yucky bug hit us with Lani on Wednesday! I AM going to get my copy soon though! I CAN’T WAIT to start reading it! I know it is going to be awesome, as God had an AWESOME vessle to speak though! Love ya!

    • It’s ok Elaine, you guys SO cary the legend spirit in this book! I am very excited to think about how you will react to it. Hope everyone is feeling better. Have an amazing day! 🙂

  2. Make Me A Legend is the “meat and potatoes” for becoming a better person in life and after. I am now a fan of the book and of Chuck and his family. being that I am only on chapter 5, I have already felt the message to be strong and relatable. I, myself feel that with this book anyone can become a Legend. Congrats to Chuck on his now and future accomplishments!

    • Joe, thank you! A testimony is only as good as the person speaking it… and this one is STRONG because you are a BEAUTIFUL person! I heard you’ve been reading on the Washington DC metro… great advertisement!!!! I need to create new (Make Me A Legend) cards, and send 5 cards with each book… and ask each reader to pass out all five cards to the potential legends they meet! WOW, isn’t that a great idea… see, you triggered that Joe.

  3. Hey, can you guys please post your reviews to Amazon, B&N, Books A Million, etc? It’s huge for rankings… meaning that more people will read because of your enthusiasm! Thank you SO much!! 🙂