1 Week Until “Make Me A Legend” Is Born!

Happy Friday! Writing my book (though it seemed like the hardest thing I had ever done to that point) was the easy leg of this 5 year adventure, comparatively speaking. Carrying my humble (but potent) manuscript through the publishing process to the people who long for it (the past 9 months) has been hellacious at […]

Becoming The Golden People!

Happy Wednesday! Early this morning, I received a text from a friend. He asked me if I had any wise words concerning a conversation he and I had yesterday morning in prayer. The conversation was about how unbearable life has been for him lately. This friend has gone through so many uncommon job challenges (and […]

Stop Hating Yourself Now! (=

Happy Monday! This morning, I had an eye opening facebook conversation with an amazing young man who’s aspiring to do something beautiful with his life. He’s going to seminary, to become a military chaplain. Here is a part of our conversation…   Stop Hating Yourself Now! =) Sean is not the only person I ever […]

Recapture Lost Virtues and Reveal Our Finest Days!

Happy Monday! This morning, I received an email from my great friend Hugh Henderson. Since he once lived in the United Kingdom, Hugh and his wife Anne are following news reports of rioting in Northern London… and discussing it with each other. Here is Anne’s short message to Hugh, and then his comments to her […]

But Another Whole Lifetime Lies Ahead Of Us!

Happy Friday! Early this morning, I had a sensational text conversation with an old friend. Seriously, I haven’t felt God’s words in my heart like that in a regular conversation for some time. It was like everything I said was moving straight from God, through me, to this person without the smallest degree of reduction. […]

Are YOU The Missing Link?

Happy Tuesday! I’m praying about so many things these days, my life is moving at the speed of light… very positive and fruitful, but complicated and somewhat stressful. On days like today, I think to myself, “Dear God, where do I start? Everything is a mess. What have I gotten myself into, there is no […]

Teamwork: Learning 2 Synergize 4 Bigger Wins!

Happy Monday! Beautiful weekend this was for me. It seems like the people under my leadership (and on my team) are starting to RISE. Something I’ve noticed over the past few years: although we still have a great need to clarify our purpose, organize our chaos, and eliminate our many inconsistencies… phenomenal leaders are starting […]