The Countdown: 6

Happy Monday!

This is the week of pre-release for Make Me A Legend! Here is what two-time author Gail Strother says about MMAL…

There is something inside each of us that yearns to make a difference. Yet day after day, year after year, we find ourselves settled into mediocrity. Chuck Balsamo skillfully dissects the forces that keep us where we are, then stirs our hearts to become the legends we were created to be. Make Me A Legend is full of profound revelation, inspiration, and motivation. Finally, a book that will not only challenge you to soar, but will give you the tools for the journey as well. Make Me A Legend is an absolute must-read for all that have thought, Is this really all there is?

Gail L. Strother

Author of Appoint Us A King

Just in case you didn’t read the timeline I posted on Friday, here is what’s happening this week:

MMAL Pre-Release Time Line

  • Thursday, August 25:
    • First 5000 pre-release copies delivered to Stuarts Draft…
  • Friday & Saturday, August 26-27:
    • I’m signing hundreds of hardcover pre-orders to have them available for…
  • Sunday, August 28:
    • The first release at Destiny Family Center, Stuarts Draft, VA…
  • Monday, August 29:
    • Non pick-up pre-release orders are shipped to aspiring legends worldwide…
  • August to November:
    • Book tour begins, book reviews come in, intensive interaction with readers pours gasoline on the newly started fires, radicalized enthusiasts tell their friends, thousands more read the book, Make Me A Legend reaches the tipping point…
  • Tuesday, November 15:
    • Destiny Image Publishers releases Make Me A Legend nationally through Amazon, Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, Family Christian, Wal-Mart, etc. etc. etc…
  • August 28 to December 31:
    • Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands read Make Me A Legend… the message becomes a catalyst of spiritual awakening for people, churches, communities, and nations around the world!

If you haven’t already done this: order your copies fast so you can be one of the pioneering readers! The only place to order this book (and receive it) before November 15th is here on this website. Please continue to pray for us and help us spread the great news by tweeting, facebooking, phone calling, texting, and yelling from tall buildings… this is our sprint to the finish… let’s do it together!

If you really want to help out, please post the following link all over the internet a hundred times over the next 6 days.

Thank you so much for caring! I just finished praying for you. Have a beautiful Monday. With much love…

Dream big, Live Bold, and Make a Difference!


PS: What a great weekend we just had! Saturday, I studied for hours, worked on my patio for many more hours, and hosted a few friends for food and fun… ended the night making smores (roasted marshmallow’s, gram crackers, and chunks of chocolate) and telling hilarious stories. Sunday church at Destiny Family Center was precious, Life Christian University (where I instruct for 3 hours every Sunday afternoon) was even more precious. Great things are happening here in this small town! In my spiritual opinion, it’s comparable to the formation of Gideon’s 300, or the gathering of David’s legendary Mighty Men! The best is just ahead…

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