The Rhandle Kennedy Review!

Happy Wednesday!

“WOW! While I expected no less, Make Me A Legend has me INSPIRED! With the empowerment of Smith Wigglesworth, the patriotism of David Barton and the urgency of Jeremiah, I feel the limits of time running out and the shame of my own complacency! Motivational! Undoubtedly God-inspired!” -Rhandle Kennedy

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That message was posted on my facebook wall this morning when I woke up… like a gigantic Christmas present under the tree when I was still a toddler… running down the stairs in my footy pajamas with my brother to find a tree lit up and filled with wrapped gifts that had not been there the night before! This is how I feel with each review!

Here is Rhandle’s review and my follow-up comments to him…

Here is the real test of this book: what it does to people from the initial impact forward, it’s ability to launch people up and away from everything that’s held them to this moment! I truly am on the edge of my seat… and I am logging your stories!

Do you have a first review we haven’t heard? Please post it on this blog (and everywhere else) when you get the time.

We are sending out the book orders as fast as they come in… praying that the whole world has a chance to experience this message.

Our goal is to distribute all 5000 pre-release books prior to the publishers November 15th national release. Please do whatever you can to help us hit this mark! Spread your excitement like fire (be hyper and creative)… word of mouth is still the greatest advertisement.

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I just finished praying for you this morning. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!

Chuck Balsamo

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4 thoughts on “The Rhandle Kennedy Review!

  1. That is a great compliment. Your book is going to appeal to people because it’s not just like every other motivational christian book out there that makes it sound so easy. (Not belittling those books by any means) I’m just saying yours is so much more deep and thought out and LIVED! It’s not ‘instant happily ever after just add Jesus’. You really examine human emotion and the hunger everyone has, to be awesome, and noticed and the craving for something that we can’t find in the world.

    God’s Love! I had the pleasure of seeing the mini-version so before it was even avail. I saw one common theme throught the whole thing, Vision, hope, and motivation for another great awakening, the need to LOVE like Christ, the desire to be Loved, and how to get that genuine Jesus Love to others who are desperate for it even though many don’t know it’s what they are so for. You use VERY significant exciting real life stories of your own life. I Love the candid honesty! It’s so inspiring! I really think people (in high places too) will find it refreshing to finally read about a real pastor who has human emotions and feelings the way God created us. That’s the difference, I think other authors (talented and with good intentions) have maybe masked their outward emotions, worried that their passion would be too much to handle so they hold back.

    Thank you for not being afraid to tell the truth. It’s really cool to find that these days, balance. You aren’t a bible thumping, hell fire and brimstone preacher but you don’t water down the truth, tiptoeing around the issues either. That’s uncommon, respectable and wonderful.

    Thank you for being obediant,

    • Mel, WHAT A COMPLIMENT! Talk about specific! While I was reading your comment, I felt the desire to pray… for everyone around the world to have what you and Rhandle and many others are getting from this book. Thank you.

  2. I must say that I agree with the previous statements. However, I would like to re-emphasize on something. That is, having the divine confidence to be transparent is a must have in ministry and in a person’s relationship with God. To often than not, people value making a good impression rather than focusing on and respecting that which is true, unique and genuine. Therefore, I commend you in holding fast to God as you allowed yourself to be an example to all those bothe close and far to God. With this said, I am also reminded of a song by Todd Proctor titled “Common Ground” and here are the lyrics for you and fellow blog readers to read:

    Common Ground, song from “Never The Same” album

    I believe He will be our common ground
    I believe He’s the peace that can be found
    where together we can rise above
    whatever tears us down
    I believe Jesus is our common ground

    too many families being torn apart
    too many differences dividing our hearts
    if we’re gonna make peace
    there’s a place we should start