Gideon’s 300 & David’s 400! Assemble The Legends!!

Happy Wednesday! I woke up this morning thinking about how much I love and appreciate all of the beautiful people in my life right now. Please don’t get jealous, but I feel like I have the greatest and most loving friends in the world. Gideon had his legendary Army Of 300, David had his legendary […]

Unlocking Bigger Dreams & Untapped Talents!

Happy Friday! I assume that you’re now doing some of the things you were designed for. I assume that you’re somewhat satisfied with where you are in life at this moment, that you have at least partially achieved your divine purpose. But, maybe there is something else, something deep inside, sleeping in the secret places […]

Write A One Paragraph Dream – No Limits!

Happy Thursday! On Sunday I gave our church a homework assignment: Take 5 minutes and write a one-paragraph description of how you would serve in God’s kingdom if anything were possible. For the maximum success of this assignment, you must learn to dream without mental limitations. You have to act as if your Father is […]

Going Viral: Make Me A Legend, Nationally Released 2 Months Early?

Happy Monday! Thanks to your momentous pre-sale enthusiasm, your frenzied ordering and the rave reviews that followed… Destiny Image Publishers is nationally releasing my book NOW instead of waiting until the official November 15 date. This means that Make Me A Legend will be showing up in book stores all over America and the world – […]

Beware: The Fear of Success

Happy Thursday! I’ve been thinking about one of the sections of my book lately… because it’s really hitting me hard at the moment. Make Me A Legend Chapter 15: Bow Lower As You Climb Higher Beware, the Fear of Success As we learn to appreciate the hidden value of deep humiliation, we tend to feel […]

On The Threshold To Our Wildest Dreams!

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend was unbelievable. Pastor Chris and Sarah and Believers Victory Center honored my book release more than I ever dreamed was possible! In that moment, Emily and I felt like a king and a queen! The services were PACKED OUT, people responded to the messages like I was throwing GOLD into […]

Awaken The Dawn!

Happy Saturday! This morning, I awakened the dawn with worship and prayer, my early morning routine for the past 20 years! There are no words to describe the beauty in this sunroom right now… I’ve been listening to a video from my 09-07-11 blog: Uncage Your Soul & Worship God Like You Really Want To. […]

Increase Your Momentum!

Happy Friday! Energy, impulse, power, propulsion, strength, catalyst, acceleration, impetus, impulsion, lash, movement, pressure, pulsation, vibration, effort, full head of steam, horsepower, muscle, power, pressure, speed, steam, strength, stress, tension, velocity… drive, beat, bump, push, pulse, rush, shove, stroke, surge, thrust, punch, and force! All synonyms for the word… MOMENTUM! Momentum is defined as 1: a […]

Surviving Your Perfect Storms…

Happy Thursday, The difficult thing about blogging (almost) every day is that real life doesn’t pretend to be perfect so all the daily bloggers can hang happy faces on each of their daily blogs. Real life has real challenges. It’s filled with high hopes and fierce contests, delightful wins and dreadful losses. On one day, […]

Uncage Your Soul & Worship God Like You Really Want To!

Happy Wednesday! Here is a phenomenal older song, recently sung at a national youth worship event. We Are Hungry. (update: Jesus Culture pulled the video, so I posted the next best version I could find.) httpv:// Click play and continue reading. This song describes how I feel right now… HUNGRY! There is something in our […]