Awaken The Dawn!

Happy Saturday!

This morning, I awakened the dawn with worship and prayer, my early morning routine for the past 20 years! There are no words to describe the beauty in this sunroom right now…

I’ve been listening to a video from my 09-07-11 blog: Uncage Your Soul & Worship God Like You Really Want To.

To me, the greatest gift in this universe is access to God through worship. I don’t know how people make it in today’s world, without spending time with God every morning. Whenever my life spins out of control and I feel like my mind is going to fly apart (and I become fearful and depressed, and I lose hope)… something changes EVERY time I turn on the worship music and pray! When I focus on how much God loves me, and on all the plans He has for my future, and the difference He’s going to make around the world through my family and our ministry… my problems fade into nothingness!

Do you have an early morning routine? Start one today! Go to itunes, and purchase some great new worship music. Purchase a new journal. Set your alarm clock for 30 minutes prior to your normal wake up time. Turn on your new music, read your bible, and worship God for who He is. Once you feel like you’ve broken through the barriers in your cluttered mind, pray to God about your life (and the lives of family and friends), ask God great questions, listen for His brilliant answers, and write in your journal.

Try this for 30 days, and see if you’re not at another spiritual level! Try this for 30 days, and watch how everything changes (for the better) in every other area of your life!

Tomorrow Morning…

I’m preaching two back to back services at the Believers Victory Center in Moorfield, West Virginia. Pastor Chris and Sarah Whetzel are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. The church they lead, (BVC) is a THRIVING, REGIONAL OASIS OF HOPE!

Here is what Pastor Chris had to say about tomorrows event:

Just a couple more days until Pastor Chuck Balsamo, author of the newly released Make Me A Legend, arrives at Believers Victory Center. I sent a text to my friend today saying, “I am so excited about Sunday….I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve….feeling like we are going to unwrap something monumental.” That definitely sums it up for me. To say that Sunday is going to be a great day for the Believers Victory Center family is an understatement in it’s finest form.

Tomorrow Evening…

Starting at 4pm, I will be signing books at Brighton Park! Believers Victory Center is hosting the Brighton Park evening events: delicious FREE food, five star attractions (including a carousel, a super slide, etc.), snow cones, cotton candy, and a professional fireworks display at 8:30PM!


For more information about these events, please visit BVC Online! Hope to see you there.

Back At Home…

Please don’t think Destiny Family Center will be diminished in the least with our absence! Aaron Huffer and our phenomenal worship team will be presenting new worship songs (with high passion and God’s presence), and Ricky Lee Wade is preaching a powerful message from Exodus, chapter 3: There Is A Calling In Your Salvation! Expect everything to happen with that same spirit of awakening we all experienced on last Sunday!

Then on Sunday evening, Youth Pastors Ryan and Danae Huffer are hosting the first annual Mud Mania Youth Event!

I just prayed for your weekend. Have a very happy Saturday!

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With much love…


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2 thoughts on “Awaken The Dawn!

  1. Chuck, it sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I am so happy for you and for the success of your new book. Thanks for sharing your event with us. It gives the rest of us hope and encourages us not to give up on our dreams. May God bless you!

    • Deborah, your ministry is making such a great difference! I’m really looking forward to doing that book interview… whenever it works out. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. I’m praying for your massive success!!