Gideon’s 300 & David’s 400! Assemble The Legends!!

Happy Wednesday!

I woke up this morning thinking about how much I love and appreciate all of the beautiful people in my life right now. Please don’t get jealous, but I feel like I have the greatest and most loving friends in the world. Gideon had his legendary Army Of 300, David had his legendary 400 Mighty Men… and by the grace of God, I have at least the SAME! There are those from the local community, the 300 of Destiny Family Center… and then, those from throughout the world, Mighty People like Essly Harsanto (Indonesia), Ben & Sharon Hadden (Australia), Author Amanda Beth, … and more just like them in my social networks… plus my mentors and ministry peers!

We CAN change the world! We WILL change the world! We ARE changing the world already!

Here is a section from Make Me A Legend, Chapter 5: Exposed To The Bigger Cause

Expose The Masses – Assemble the Legends!

We should build a camp right here at the rally flag of our shared dream. Make Me a Legend is the perfect rally flag! Here we can unify through our comprehensive list of common principles and purposes and synergize to save our world together.

It has been my experience that wherever there is one legend, there will often be a hundred more. Aspiring legends huddle until they hatch, and then they multiply. Legends always beget legends! In his inspiring leadership book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell teaches about The Law of Magnetism, which says, “Who you are is who you will attract.”4 Therefore, you and I have to become the kind of people we wish to attract so that we can attract the kinds of people we want to become!

If an eaglet hatches in a chicken coup instead of an eagle’s nest, he will never fly. This is because the eagle learns to fly from imprinting, not instinct. He becomes identical to the creature that raises him. Humans are similar. If you really want to become a legend, then you have to get yourself to a legend’s nest—quickly!

Together, everyone has boosted efficiency and range! This is the power of the V flight formation in ducks and geese. I’m painting a picture of what can happen in us and through us when we assemble the masses to this life and world-changing concept. The potential power of what I’m suggesting is huge! To illustrate the point, let’s talk about David again. As if his story isn’t already hard to believe, just wait until you’re left to process what I’m getting ready to tell you about David’s mighty men!

It happened sometime after David slew Goliath and before he became king. Things were not going well for David at that time. King Saul’s spiritual condition was rapidly deteriorating. Evil spirits inhabited King Saul’s body and tormented him with depression and fear. Despite King Saul’s failures, David loved and honored and served his king as faithfully as any person has ever served a king. David also joined the army and fortified his fellow Israelites with several impressive military wins. He was building up the kind of momentum one would expect from a rising world leader.

Sadly, the more successful David became and the more he blessed the king, the more the king hated him. What could have been a very discouraging time in David’s life actually turned out to be a very necessary part of David’s future dynasty. The time came when King Saul lost control of his anger for David, and he climbed down from his throne to hunt the man who served him best.

David refused to retaliate against the king. Trusting God with his future, David took the humble road out of town. Clearly, David hoped this move would calm the king’s jealous rage against his rising fame. In a tremendous act of humility, David set up a temporary safe haven in the lowly but legend-like cave of Adullam.

As the Bible story goes, there was a common, growing discontentment among the people because of the way things were going in Israel. It was this unrest, coupled with the hope of a better tomorrow, that sent 400 men searching for a new dream. It was there in Adullam, during a most discouraging season in David’s life, where the legends assembled! This group consisted of mostly family and a few friends and others who admired David’s courageous spirit. None of these rough-edged dissenters looked anything like a legend in the making when they first placed their swords at David’s feet. They were homeless and hopeless, all facing some kind of personal crisis. Many were struggling financially and had nothing of value to offer David except their loyal hearts.

Can you imagine being in David’s sandals at this point? There is a prophecy that he will sit on Saul’s throne as the second king of Israel, and yet in a homicidal outburst of jealousy, King Saul plunges into a violent hunt for David’s life. Then David, while wanting to respect King Saul and submit to him as the legal head of Israel, runs and runs until at last he collapses onto the cold, dark, damp floor of a lonely, secluded cave of Adullam.

There in Adullam, David was safe from King Saul and away from other people; there he could carefully and prayerfully navigate his life through this very confusing, difficult time. Then, out of nowhere, hundreds of men with enormous problems start showing up at his cavestep—asking for a place to stay and a man to lead them. There, in his cave of misfit people and during a time when David’s country yearned for a legend, he built his army of legend-people! Who could have possibly known that something that big was happening in that most unlikely place?

According to Second Samuel 23:8-39, David’s mighty men were almost like the gods of Greek mythology, each one having a story too sizeable for even the wildest of imaginations. First there was Jashobeam, who once used his spear to take down 800 enemy warriors in a single battle! Then there was Eleazar, who stood alone in battle with David, and without any other assistance wiped out enemy warriors until his sword stuck to his hand. The rest of the army didn’t even show up that day until it was time to gather the plunder!

After Eleazar, there was Shamma. One time, when the Philistines were gathered against Israel, this legend held back the entire army all by himself as every one of his fellow soldiers fled to safety. What about Abishai?He once used his spear to slay 300 enemy warriors in a single battle. And Benaiah. He’s the valiant warrior who did many heroic deeds, which included killing two Goliath-like warriors from Moab. Another time, on a snowy day, Benaiah chased a lion down into a pit and killed him with his bare hands! These guys were legends beyond belief!

And guess what? Every one of these legends came from the very same cave. Let me say this one more time: Wherever there is one legend, there will often be a hundred more! Aspiring legends huddle until they hatch, and then they multiply. Legends beget legends!

This brings me to the main purpose of this book: I want to assemble the biggest, towering mountain of mighty people the world has ever imagined! Then I want to expose them to the biggest cause they’ve ever known! Just like David rallied his mighty men, I want to rally the mighty people in my generation! Just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and shouted it loudly, I also have a legendary dream to shout about: Legends unite! Legends rise! It’s time to save this world!

Best-selling author Seth Godin details the surprisingly simple way this can happen in his book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. According to this intuitive man, a person can bring change to the entire world from the remotest places. Thanks to the Internet, geography is no longer a limiting factor. This means for example: it’s possible to gather ten thousand legends out of one hundred nations and build a one million-member legend tribe—from Stuarts Draft, Virginia or anywhere else in the world!

I’ve been praying, with faith and determination, that my passionate invitation will echo to the remotest places of the earth—to people of every race, rich and poor, young and old, blue collar and white collar, men and women. Just like David, I want to form lasting and loyal true love relationships with my legend friends.

Sure, many of them will come into the tribe with an enormous degree of personal problems and not much more than an epic but unrefined divine potential. But I believe we will become mighty over time—and we will build tomorrow’s better world together, one incomprehensible victory after another! Can you picture this? I certainly can! I’ve seen this one million-member legend tribe in a hundred visions, and I’ve been preparing myself to lead it for the past twenty years. Oh, the difference we will make together!

Your thoughts??

I have run out of writing time this morning… just prayed for you all. With much love…

Dream Big,

Chuck Balsamo

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3 thoughts on “Gideon’s 300 & David’s 400! Assemble The Legends!!

  1. I was speechless when i read this blog yesterday in my morning – and a big suprised when i found out my name is written as a mighty warrior here … im definitely on your side about the warrior and about leading this generation. Actually we as a church are entering a new semestr of our fasting movements: FAST21 and we are praying for the rise of a new davids in this geneation. We need more david in every school, university, workplace, home, nations, government, and even in the church. Lets make a legend! Wow, you know Ps Chuck, i think i never read an articles like this anywhere else because you poured all out your heart, God’s heart, and the voice of this generation into one beautiful and passionate writing. I always felt like meeting you each time i visit your website. What a privilege.

    • Essly, I’m praying for you and your church during this time of fasting. May God do something in your lives far beyond anything you’ve ever known before.