Going Viral: Make Me A Legend, Nationally Released 2 Months Early?

Happy Monday!

Thanks to your momentous pre-sale enthusiasm, your frenzied ordering and the rave reviews that followed… Destiny Image Publishers is nationally releasing my book NOW instead of waiting until the official November 15 date. This means that Make Me A Legend will be showing up in book stores all over America and the world – THIS WEEK!

The official release date is still scheduled for November 15, meaning that the book is going to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, and many other bookstores… but wont be heavily promoted until November 15.

The e-book version (Kindle, Nook, etc.) will be available in approximately two weeks.

I had mixed emotions when I first heard the news. Initially, I thought, “Oh no, I still have thousands of pre-sale books in inventory… and I really needed the next two months to distribute them before people can get it anywhere.” (still financially bummed about this) But then I thought, “So what if my personal inventory moves slower… as long as the whole world can now get their hands on my wonderful DREAM by Christmas!”

Do you feel like Make Me A Legend should become the next VIRAL message? Do you want to help make this happen before Christmas?

You can definitely help by doing a few simple things…

  1. Post a rave review on AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks A Million, etc… each of them, if you can!
  2. Do a google search for your local bookstores… and ask if they are going to stock Make Me A Legend on their shelves!
  3. Call your family and friends… and the excitement to everyone you meet!
  4. Make some noise in your social networks: facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.
  5. Post the following book link everywhere: Order Make Me A Legend – Now Shipping (http://chuckbalsamo.com/order-make-me-a-legend/)

I am now signing every copy (hardcover and paperback), when you order direct from our website! Also, this is still the only place you can purchase the hardcover edition!

Please let me know what you’re doing, so I can thank you!

These are exciting days for all of us, and for the cause of Christ!

I just finished praying for you. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!

Chuck Balsamo

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