Introducing Frank and Marilyn Balsamo

Happy Sunday! Yesterday, we adventured through Staunton Virginia… ate chocolates from the newly opened (second location) Coco Mill Chocolate Factory. AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS and owned and operated¬†by our friends, Mike and Sarah Mayo. After that, we walked to a very fun shop: Retro & Me, also owned and operated by close friends, Kristin Condra (and her […]

My Daughter’s New Company: “Gingerbread Shack!”

Happy Friday! Introducing, Gingerbread Shack: a new (orders only) pastry/bakery started this summer by my happy daughter, Heaven Balsamo! At Gingerbread Shack, Heaven bakes and designs beautiful custom wedding cakes, holiday treats, cookies, and other delicious items… even dog treats! Here is a description of Gingerbread Shack taken from their website: “Here at Gingerbread Shack, […]

When Hell Breaks Loose: WAIT FOR THE SHIFT!

Happy Thursday! When all hell breaks loose, it might seem like your life is not moving towards your dreams, but good IS prevailing over evil in times like this… don’t stop believing, don’t stop doing the right things… you are almost always on the brink of a sudden SHIFT… if you don’t panic, or fall […]