7 Free Books & A New Video Add

Happy Tuesday!

Make sure you check out the blog site of my dear friend, Author Amanda Beth. She is giving away FREE BOOKS every day this week to commemorate one full year of blogging! Today, Amanda is featuring my book Make Me A Legend. If you want a FREE copy, head over to Amanda’s blog and leave a comment!

Also, here is the video advertisement for my November 13th book tour meeting @ Bethel Harvest Church (with Pastor’s Marion and Stephanie Dalton)

Video created by Travis Lilly. (Thank you Travis)

I’m out of time for this morning. Just finished praying for you. With much love…

Chuck Balsamo

Ps: Have you read the most recent Make Me A Legend book reviews on Amazon? WOW! Stop waiting, order your SIGNED copy on this website now!

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10 thoughts on “7 Free Books & A New Video Add

  1. Awesome video, Chuck! I wish you lived near me!:) I’ve been to church every day this week watching John Bevere. Between him and your book, God has ignited a huge fire in my spirit. God wants to pour out His grace and empower us live extraordinary lives for His glory! You are a blessing:)

    • John Bevere is at your church? He seems to have such a radical fear of the Lord. I’ve seen his teachings set people absolutely free from rebellion, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc.

  2. Well, this is the unfortunate thing about living in Northern Ireland…there are no competitions and give aways open to us (we can barely get insurance through the mainland!!)
    Still, I’m really looking forward to reading your book!

  3. Yes, he was at my church. He just left today:( He is a powerful speaker. I’ve heard some critics put him down. But I found him to speak nothing but the Truth. And he speaks it in such a powerful way. You could feel the Holy Spirit move. I was truly inspired.

    • Oh yeah, I agree with you. What people don’t like about him is the strict teaching on biblical authority (submission to God’s direct and delegated authorities)… and his push for biblical forgiveness, and HONOR. People who are bitter, arrogant, rebellious, and complacent… they despise messengers like John. He has a good name for it though. John.