I See The Cloud, I Step In – Show Me Your Glory!


It’s a lovely Saturday morning, my family sleeps, the room is mostly dark, lights on dimmer… just barely burning. Like almost every morning of my life… I will awaken the dawn with my early morning devotions. With my worship and prayers, this sunroom is becoming a holy sanctuary (again)… the angels are here to dance on the ceiling fans, an awareness of God is taking over this entire house!

And for the next few hours, I will pray and sing… and read from my Bible… and write in my journal. This is the secret place where I write my sermons, where I find inspiration for my greatest blogs… this is where I download (from God) the paragraphs for my books… it’s where I electrify my loving, happy, and hyper spirit!

Like an eagle looks directly into the sun as he rides in the high places on the rising winds… it is in this place, where Clark Kent becomes Superman.

History belongs to the people who know God more than they know anything or anyone else.

We must be perfectly consistent with our devotions, not aiming to change the world with one grand act, but with a legendary, daily routine.


Have a beautiful weekend. I just prayed for you. With much love…

Dream Big,

Chuck Balsamo

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10 thoughts on “I See The Cloud, I Step In – Show Me Your Glory!

  1. The greatest changes in my life came after setting my mind to spend time each day with God in His Word. There’s power in His Word and fellowshipping with Him. We need to be energized by Him each day. It’s the daily commitment to follow Him that will bring us the greatest results in our lives. Thanks for the reminder. God bless you:)

    • Amanda, I can tell you feel this way and live this way by the pages of your AMAZING book. You write as a woman inspired like the prophets – but with the new testament love of Jesus! Thank you for honoring my blog family with a visit this morning!! Have a most triumphant day.

    • I love this song and Jesus Culture Music, and I have a dream that is know the Bethel Church and leaders of worship on hes contry. God bless you! God bless the Brazil!

      • About one year ago, I had a dream that I was being invited to Sao Paulo, Brazil by a television reporter. In the dream, she spoke to me through the camera, saying that the Brazilian people were crying out for me. Since I don’t speak Portuguese and I don’t have many contacts in Brazil, I’ve just prayed about the dream, wondering if the time of it’s fulfillment will come someday. God bless you Andre Luis. Perhaps we will meet someday.

  2. Hello My Friend…

    Yesterday was just one of those days, but I do have to say that I read this blog and found encouragement and a quiet strength to ask others for what I needed and that was prayer…it was a day where I asked God to carry me through because I was just so weary and whipped by uncertainty, the unknown and the realness of motherly instinct. Yet, somehow by the grace of God, intercessors carried me to another place in God where the peace of God saturated my concentration and calmed the racing thoughts of any worried, expecting mother. It was awesome, and I am still in awe. And, what’s more, I told others of your ministry, I gave some food to those that were hungry and told God that I am honored to be a mother…Better yet, I told my husband when he came in after talking to some friends these words…Yes, I am worried about our unborn, Yes, I am tired of all the run arounds from the doctors and such, but I also realize that I can only do but so much, so it is not that I am giving up, I am just depending on God to do what I cannot do or don’t know how to do because He can see more than I can and will ever see…and my husband nodded in agreement and gave me a hug.

  3. Oh Chuck, have I already said how inspiring your blogs are? I’m not having time to read it every day but when I read them it’s God speaking to me. I know I need to have a daily devotions time, but I’ve been so tired with pregnancy, trips and adjusting out (now) toddler back to “normal life” that the only thing I can think about is sleeping a little more. I know that’s not what I want to teach my children, and I know I shouldn’t be beating up myself for not spending as much time as I wanted with God’s word, but it’s hard to have this consciousness that this is not the way things should happen but at the same time I have no physical strength to change anything now…
    But your blog was a reminder that, as I keep telling people, pregnancy is not illness and it shouldn’t be an excuse for not spending time with God. I can’t spiritually feed my children if I’m not fed.
    Thanks again! God bless!

    • Mariana, it always so nice to hear from you. How is life these days? I am praying for your baby, and your beautiful family!! Thanks for keeping in touch. Your comment is powerful… keep pushing through whatever life puts on you and always make Jesus your highest priority. God has his hand on your life… and He is going to use you in glorious ways!! 🙂

    • Most definitely! By the way, it’s very nice to meet you. Anyone who loves that line, loves what I love. More than that, they love what God loves. I’m praying for YOU my new friend.

  4. Accidentally stumbled on your page I’m church today trying to find the lyrics of the song, Show Me Your Glory. What a blessing.