Myami Faith Wheeler – The Faith And Love That Made Her Live!

Happy Wednesday!

Last night, we attended the family night for (long-time friends) Ceasar, Stacey, Joshua, and Saeron Wheeler. On Saturday, they said goodbye (for now) to their 13-year-old princess, Myami Faith Wheeler.

I still remember Myami when she was only two years old, and first diagnosed with the incurable disease that (eventually) took her life. She was running through the house, playing with toys, and jumping and laughing… just like every other child her age.

The doctors said she wouldn’t make it very long, but Myami shined a light for Christ in the face of a hundred death sentences… and she LIVED victoriously for more than a decade after diagnosis, despite the unimaginable mutilation happening inside of her little body.

I groan and thrash about when my stomach hurts from the flu. I make terrible noises when I vomit… like I need an ambulance.

From the very beginning, Myami didn’t complain with her words. Even after she lost her ability to speak… she never groaned or growled or thrashed about with tantrums.

Myami smiled and laughed (about the simplest things). Myami watched and listened (to everyone). Myami prayed and worshiped God. Myami shined.

The Faith And Love That Made Her Live

I’m positive about this: Myami Wheeler would have passed away at 5 or 6 if she had been born into another family. Through this trial, the Wheeler’s taught our community so much about faith – that moves the biggest mountains and calms the fiercest storms. Even more than that, they have demonstrated GOD’S LOVE in a way that few of us will ever be able to see it again. They broke down a few times, but never for more than a few hours. The terrible conditions they endured would have obliterated other individuals and families.

Every time I went to the house or visited Myami in the hospital, or looked into the vehicles where she was transported… I was greatly inspired with the cleanliness, organization, and positive-joyous environment Myami thrived in… consistently, every day without exception! The Wheelers labored tirelessly and came back from the brink of losing everything again and again… and with the little they had, they gave their baby girl the life of a PRINCESS!

When the funeral home came to take Myami out of the Wheeler residence, Ceasar would not let them carry her out on a stretcher. He gathered the lifeless body of his beloved daughter into his grieving arms and carried her to the car. Another demonstration of this uncommon LOVE!

If you ask them how they’ve coped… and you ask them how they’ve maintained peace and joy in the face of this terror, they will tell you, “Only by God’s grace.” If you ask them how they feel about their faith in God, or the future without Myami, they will tell you, “God has been good to us. He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. Myami’s life was shorter than we desired, but lengthened with God’s miracles. We are rich with our daughters memory! We are rich with the love we’ve received from others and the love we have for each other! We’ve been tested beyond comprehension, but we’ve come forth as gold refined in the fire. God has proven Himself to be perfectly reliable under all circumstances… and we are highly optimistic of a future that is as certain as the rising sun!”

Life is short even when we live to 90 or 100. This world is merely the testing ground of eternity. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Whether we have long lives or short ones, let us have MEANINGFUL LIVES. Let us be inspired with the life and passing of Myami Faith Wheeler… inspired to trust God on a higher level… inspired to make radical, positive strides today… for a far more meaningful future!

We must be very careful not to redefine God during the times when we cannot figure Him out. He is the healer according to His Word. He gives grace and strength! His ways are so much higher than ours. God is working in our lives according to His eternal purposes. Everything happening to us, in us, and around us is much more about the NEXT life than it is about this one.

If you’re looking for more on this subject, I highly recommend another blog I wrote after the death of another local child: The Tyson Woody Story: P1-When The Mountain Does Not Move.

Here is the song Kevin Harris sang at Myami’s funeral service. There Will Be A Day, by Jeremy Camp.


Here is a Jeremy Camp devotional based on this song.


Thank you for reading/watching… and sharing! I just finished praying for you. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!


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18 thoughts on “Myami Faith Wheeler – The Faith And Love That Made Her Live!

  1. ‘We must be very careful not to redefine God during the times when we cannot figure Him out. He is the healer according to His Word. He gives grace and strength! His ways are so much higher than ours. God is working in our lives according to His eternal purposes. Everything happening to us, in us, and around us is much more about the NEXT life than it is about this one.’

    I’m so glad his ways are higher than ours. When we learn who we are in Christ, and go by what we know instead of how our emotions are making us feel, we are peaceful and happier:)

    The next life is gonna rock! No sadness or grieving:)

    I’m so sorry for their loss, God bless them.


    • Myami was an amazing princess. My life has been forever changed for the better for knowing her. I pray that God will help us all to be more like her during our trials and struggles in life. I love you Jesus.

        • Wow How beautiful and amazing this blog was!!! I ams ad that I just got to read it today! You summed up everything from life to heaven so perfect! Myami was blessed to have you in her life!! Thank you for such perfect words!!

          • Amanda, you are such a blessing to the wheeler family. I watched how you LOVED your in-laws through the journey… and it’s a beautiful thing!!

  2. Pastor Chuck: If this post never receives but these few comments, it is only because it is almost impossible to type through a flood of tears. Or, it’s because we are reflecting on the briefness of our finite existance as it bears upon the enormous, infinite reality of eternity.

    How have we made an impact on this earth–on the lives that are living on this earth with us? How much longer do we have to make an epic difference? How much “difference” do we need to make, to “make a difference”?

    Perhaps, one glance of a loving facial expression, even more subtle than body language, can cause the recipient to shift his view, to start to develop confidence, to dream a dream, pursue a dream, that starts a movement, that begins a revolution.

    I will start today to be ever-aware of my every interaction with others…something I say or do, even a tiny smile might be a special delivery from God to somebody else.

  3. Kristen, definately the flood of tears. This is so true. What a way to honor a prescious girl and family who helped all of us with our faith. Thanks for sharing Pastor Chuck! Their house was always full of faith and I know it still is.

  4. I read this blog earlier. I was so moved. I was so engrossed into this blog that I did not even hear the tv playing in the background as my husband watched a movie. Obviously, I was moved and so inspired by the blog that as I finished reading it I said “WOW” in such a way, my husband even inquired what I was in such amazement from. And, as I began to tell him, we began to talk about so many things relating illnesses, etc. Truly, this message was so on time and so relavent to my current circumstances that we both found even more inspiration to press on even when it does not seem to be an option…

  5. Loosing a child is the most difficult time in a parents life. You have to believe they are walking the streets of gold shining down on you. Remember “When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure”!

  6. Do we know we were entaining an Angel God sent as a Gift to her parents. How did we respond ? We never know when there will be another one .Lord keep our eye’s ear’s heart open to hear from you. You alwaysend someone into our lives to take care of. I thank you that you sent people into Her life that made it possable for Stacey and Ceasar , Josh to Be there for her. ALL THE DAY’S OF HER LIFE. I LOVE YOU MYAMI.

    • Amazing thoughts Blandean, to think of how God does this again and again in our lives… He gives us the opportunity to represent Him in the earth, to be His expression of love to the people who need it most. Thanks for this reminder.

  7. Chuck,

    This was so beautiful! I thank you for taking the time to right about my wonderful daughter, she is the most amazing person I have ever known. You words for her was to the upmost. I love each of you!

    • Stacey, yes she was… and watching you care for her was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever beheld. We are still praying for you and your family… several times a day! Love you too.