What Moves You More Than Anything?

Last night, I spoke for the Comfort Care Women’s Health annual fundraising banquet. Their financial goal was $30k. Amazingly, they received $53,000 in one time donations, plus monthly pledges! Hats off to President/CEO Sommer Hansen, the CCWH board of directors, staff members, volunteers, and givers. That event was well planned and perfectly executed… a tremendous success, well done!

My speech was be powerful, although I ran out of time and trimmed a few defining points. It was sloppy for last ten minutes, but God still seemed to greatly stir those great people for the cause we all represented. To God be the glory.

The highlight of last night for me was connecting with Dr. Marsh and realizing that he is the doctor who treated both of my grandparents right up to the day of their deaths.

Dr. Marsh is one of the most selfless men I’ve ever met. He’s a doctor who actually does what he does because he wants to alleviate the sufferings of people. His story reminds me of something I read about Mother Teresa.

When she was only 18 years of age, In December 1928 she began her journey to India and continued to Darjeeling, at the base of the Himalayan Mountains, where she would continue her training towards her religious vows. Soon after, on January 6, 1929 she arrived in Calcutta, the capital of Bengal, India to teach at a school for girls.

While in Calcutta, she was moved by the presence of the sick and dying on the city’s streets. On September 10, 1946, on the long train ride to Darjeeling where she was to go on a retreat and to recover from suspected tuberculosis, something happened. Mother Teresa recalls:

“I realized that I had the call to take care of the sick and the dying, the hungry, the naked, the homeless – to be God’s Love in action to the poorest of the poor. That was the beginning of the Missionaries of Charity.” (Pitara.com)

How about you? What are you living for?

What is it that moves you more than anything else?

Hopefully, you’ve had that defining moment when you suddenly realized that YOU also have a calling to take care of the sick and the dying, the hungry, the naked, the homeless… to be God’s love in action to the poorest of the poor!

Hopefully you’re searching for the answers to the truest meaning of your existence. Hopefully you’re not spending too many of your years on selfish pursuits.

Here’s a great thought from my book.

Make Me A Legend, Chapter 5: Exposed To The Bigger Cause

Mediocrity interrupted

The long journey to legendhood always begins at the intersection of crisis and curiosity. An epic crisis collides with a curious citizen, and another legend is off and running! While the larger masses of people fritter away their best years muscling out hollow, personal initiatives and striving after passing pleasures, legends get hyped up with higher purposes along the way. Lesser dreams lose their luster when pitted against a biggercause. For legends the crisis is the bigger cause and the day of seeing it is the day we start breathing.

Today’s world is overpopulated with grumblers. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but most people complain about even the slightest inconveniences. They’re perfectly conditioned for the paths of least resistance. They want to be left alone! These idlers gripe and groan about every trending crisis. Some of them pretend to see nothing and know nothing, without the smallest inclination of putting themselves in harm’s way.

Legends crave the front lines. We want to be posted wherever the personal risk of loss is highest because that is also where the possibility for making the greatest difference exists. One bona fide crisis is all it takes to launch us across a golden threshold, from a life driven by the aspiration of personal destinyto a much fuller one animated with the hope of legacy!

(later in the chapter)

Fellow legends, if we sleep now, we can be sure that this world we’ve been given will be handed to the next generation no better—and probably a whole lot worse than it was when we first received it. Humankind will have taken until there is nothing left for all who come after us, stripping the earth of so much more than ever needed, carelessly trampling down its beauty. We will die bloated with personal achievement and yet starving to death from a deprivation of legacy—the paradox of never really living for the bigger cause.

My advice: Search for your bigger cause, and never settle until you find it.

Here is Mother Teresa, talking about her cause. Be inspired. And when you find your cause, may you give yourself to it, like she gave herself to hers.

That’s all for today. I’m off to visit a friend in jail, then to the hospital, and so on. Today is going to be a BEAUTIFUL day. Don’t you think?

Dream Big,


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22 thoughts on “What Moves You More Than Anything?

  1. I’m speechless this morning as I wonder with amazement where God is taking me to. After posting my last journal entry to your FB wall yesterday and reading this powerful quote by Mother Theresa), I feel like God boarded me onto a plane to another place in Him. It feels as if God is taking me out of an unknown “mental incarceration” I was in and connected me to life support until I regain stability. Well, I do not know if I am making any sense, but I hope I am. However, I must say that as uncertain as everything is around me, I am so at peace, it is amazing…it feels as if an arch angel affirmately said to Peace, “Be Stil” when it saw broken, weary and in tears, not too long ago.

  2. One day last week, in the midst of mysterious circumstances, I missed a connection with a delivery person, and decided to make the haul myself. I was to locate the residence of a disabled, single mom, and deliver food and supplies to her and her family.

    When I arrived, I was invited inside, introduced to the daughters, kittens and dogs, and we had a little talk. The family was warm, appreciative and very needy. I wished I couldv’e done more, but I was glad I had come with the tiny parcel and feel I had made a friend.

    As I walked from that house to my car, I noticed I was elated! I turned the ignition and thought, “THIS is what makes me happy.” I felt as if I had accomplished a great assignment, though it was only a few grocery bags and about 45 minutes of “my time”.

    • Awesome Kristin… and I agree with you. I always feel so entirely at peace with everything in my life, after I have given love to a hopeless person.

      Proverbs 11:25 “The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself.”

  3. Chuck, I’m amazed at how good is God. I just received a confirmation through your blog. Your post was in a timely manner. And it has to do with helping the sick. At 4:08 this morning I woke from a dream crying. In my dream I walked into a “Lost and Found” office to re-unite a boy to his family. As I went to meet the mother to give the boy back, I couldn’t help but notice her little girl (around the age of 3) sitting next to her. I noticed her left foot wasn’t fully completed and it broke my heart. Her mother said something that sounded like a prayer to heal her, and I started crying.

    I woke up from my dream in tears (literally!) streaming down my face. I couldn’t control myself. I prayed to God and told Him to use me in whatever He thought was good for me, because I want to serve Him to help kids who are deformed, have an illness or need healing. I want to bring glory to God. I was actually going to e-mail you, but I didn’t want to seem like I was spamming your inbox. And now seeing your post gives me confirmation from God that I might be on the right path. I feel God calling me to help the sick.

    Thanks for your timely post. God bless you, Chuck!

    • WOW J.M! And to think that almost didn’t get a chance to blog this morning… and to think that this blog came straight out of my heart without a whole lot of premeditation. I started with a blank screen in Starbucks… and 1.5 hour later, this message was posted to the www. Tell me this: what are your next five steps toward this dream???

      • I love how God is working in our lives! You are in my life for a reason and I think it’s all aligning with the people you meet! He gave both of us a vision; you in your heart and I in a dream. God is GOOD! As for the next five steps toward this dream? Good question! I’m am speechless and still in shock mode from this relazation of the confirmation! Let’s see..

        1. Pray how God would like to move me in the direction to be of service.

        2. Research or look for an organization that could give me an opportunity to get informed on what I can do to go to the next level.

        3. Meet people who have experience in this area and see how we can collaborate.

        4. Turn to the internet and share my testimony and trust in the Lord that something comes of it.

        5. Write down goals of what I want to do in the next few months/year and see how I can help.

        + 6. Work with YOU! 🙂

  4. What moves me is the fact that there are people lying all over our streets and no one cares. Take a walk down any street in Dublin late in the evening, or even during the day, they’re there. Take a walk down any street in Belfast late in the evening, they’re there. Take a walk closer to home through Ballymena, and they are there, ‘the local’, ‘the spide’ and ‘that wee homeless man’, they’re all there. All they ask for is a pound, and not one person will give it to them…and I myself am guilty of this. If one of them is lying in an alley at the entrance to a coffee shop, theres no point in even trying to get a coffee for him, the shop owners will deny you it. We are all guilty of walking right by them and I would say Dubliners, Belfast people and Ballymena folk are the worst for it. We pass them every day, yet we never spend any time with them. Its soul destroying to see their eyes when they ask you for a small amount of money…there’s just so much hopelessness and despair. Our world would not be like this is more people stopped to spend five minutes with these people each day, if we gave them the hope they need and are searching for. Because we have it and are too selfish to give it to anyone else. Thats not why we were given hope. One of the many reasons we were given hope was so other people could know hope, but how will they if we don’t want to give it to them?

    • Deborah… this is SO POWERFUL! Well written, riveting… inspirational!

      “We must become the change we want to see.” -Mahatma Gandhi

      Here is a great clip from my book on the subject…

      Make Me A Legend, Chapter 7: Earn Your Keep
      Do you ever think, What’s the use? Nobody really cares anymore, so why should I care so much? Nobody really works hard anymore, so why should I work so hard? If nobody really values truth anymore, why should I sacrifice so much to preserve it for them? So many times throughout this project, I have feared that I might be wasting my breath. Would anyone take me seriously in a world that mocks and martyrs its zealots? I’ve often wondered: Will any lasting change come from me throwing this tiny, sterile message out into a vast sea of polluted ideas? Do I have even the slightest chance of building a better world?

      Then I realized that every time a sincerely devoted person starts somewhere, anywhere, change has a chance. Everyone can make a difference if we believe in a better tomorrow according to God’s plan for our lives.

      It has been said that the best way to swallow an elephant is to eat it one small bite at a time. Several years ago we sent our daughter, Heaven, to clean up her bedroom after a month’s worth of neglect. After she was gone for more than an hour, I went to check her progress. To my astonishment, there was no progress at all. In fact, she was sitting in the middle of the room on a mountain of dirty clothes, crying in sheer hopelessness. Being the great father that I am—at times—I wiped away her tears and convinced her that the room would be on its way to perfection just as soon as she started somewhere. Within an hour, Heaven and I were ready for a visit from the president!

      Even though I don’t always bounce into action when opportunity knocks, here is the moral to this story about my daughter: Productive people love to get the show on the road. While everyone else sits around pouring out the tears, productive people motivate change. People love it when we step into their situations, because they know we won’t accept failure. Whether it’s in a child’s bedroom, a small community boardroom, or the U.S. House of Representatives, all it takes is one productive person to get the cleaning underway.

      • Thats a great passage! I think this video is one that made me really move. He is a singer from here, Northern Ireland, and he works with Fields of Life out in Uganda. He plays at Fuel Music Festival every year in Ballymena and did a main stage set this year, and we were one of the first crowds to hear it. It really moved me to realise I need to do something. Chatting to Nathan just before his set was so inspiring, so I thought I’d share this with you. It was only released last month….

        Nathan Jess – Be my hope


          • Its really brilliant….this young man will go far in the will of God…he has a vision of a better tomorrow, he helps homeless people in Belfast, and hes a true inspiration! We all need to catch a glimpse of what he sees

          • I agree! And I want to connect with you and your circle of family and friends when I come to Belfast! Nothing on the books at the moment, but hoping my book tour will eventually lead me there.

  5. Thank you for sharing this today! To answer your question: I am motivated to reach girls/young ladies of all ages and all backgrounds to help them see the beautiful creation they are and that they were created with a plan and purpose in mind. It almost hurts me to know there are girls I’m not reaching at this very moment. I struggled with low self image growing up and made very poor decisions because of it.I wish someone would have spoken truth to me back then. I am called to be that voice that speaks truth for other girls to hear so they don’t have to live a life like I did.

  6. What moves me… You know what moves me is wanting to let young girls and women know that they do not need the approval of a man, or being in relationship to feel that they are loved. They need to understand that no man or relationship is worth the abuse of any kind. That if they let go and let God be the one who puts his around them and comforts, who speaks to them and says are you beautiful person, who is the gentle hand. Then they can find the peace that helps get them through it. It does no matter what man says, because God loves them and they no longer have to hurt or go through relationship after relationship. That is what moves me. If i can help one women or young girl to see what it took me years to see that is what moves me.