Don’t Give Up . . . Finish The Race!

Happy Wednesday! These past few years have been way beyond the scope of descriptive words like unbearable, agonizing, excruciating, severe, painful, strenuous, exhausting, and grueling. Nevertheless, God’s love has always been felt. His brilliant plan for my life has not been hindered, not even a little bit. I would not have chosen to ascend on the […]

When Life Is Beautiful & Ugly On The Same Day

Happy Wednesday! This has been a strange week for me. Simultaneously, there are two scenarios taking place in my life right now. One is beautiful, the other is ugly. Beautiful I’m in Lexington KY (@ Bethel Harvest Church) having the time of my life with dear friends Pastor Marion and Stephanie Dalton. Sunday’s services seemed […]

Make Me A Legend – Hit’s Bookstores Next Week!

Happy Wednesday! Make Me A Legend is now on sale for the Christmas season: $15.99 paperback, $22.99 hardcover. Don’t forget – I’m signing every copy ordered on our website! Of course you can still order @ Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and a limitless number of other online stores in the USA, Canada, […]

No Storm Lasts Forever

Here is a quote I read on the fb wall of a friend, Donny McCuien. “Perseverance is what happens when you go through a storm with the understanding that storm’s don’t last forever.” My way has been paved with challenges. Often I have wondered how I made it to this point or that point. But I have found […]