Hurry Up & Find Yourself So You Wont Have To Keep Trying To Prove Yourself To Others

Happy Saturday!

I’ve been listening to Josh Baldwin YouTube videos this morning. Here is an obscure video I found (only 5560 views), but it’s so powerful! There are several things I uniquely love about this guy. Mostly, I love it that he never seems to be out there trying to prove something to everyone. He sings his songs to God. . .as his sincere expression of worship. I guess that’s why God’s presence is so profoundly evident on all of Josh’s videos.


Hurry Up & Find Yourself
So You Wont Have To Keep Trying To Prove Yourself To Others

I think that this is one of the great keys to reaching the pinnacle of success. In the early years, you have big dreams of making a difference, but mostly because you need to prove something to yourself.

But you can’t really make the difference as long as “making the difference” is so closely tied to your own sense of approval.

You have to win the internal battle that rages inside. Like Jacob from the Bible, you have wrestle it out, until the insecurities are fully overcome.

Here are a few great lines from my book,

Make Me A Legend

Chapter 8 – Get A Dream

As far back as Jacob could remember, he never wanted to be himself.

Jacob salivated at the dream of being Esau because as the oldest brother, Esau was promised what seemed to be the greater inheritance of his father’s estate. Jacob was all messed up! Countless preachers have pointed to Genesis 25:19-34 as the perfect text for describing an identity crisis. Can you imagine being the remembered as the most insecure person of all time?

For me, the saddest thing about this unhappy young fellow is that he didn’t need to steal his older brother’s identity. Jacob already had his own unique prophecies—epic prophecies predating his birth. Jacob was predicted to have far greater eternal influence than his older brother. Yet, instead of believing the prophecies and trusting the God who gave them, Jacob created years of torment for himself through the terrible insecurities that fueled his actions. Even though God orchestrated many opportunities for Jacob to discover his own uniqueness and appreciate it, Jacob could not see it until much later in life. Here was a man who wished to be anyone but himself.

Like Jacob, too many people fail to appreciate their uniqueness until they have become exhausted trying to be like everyone else. It amazes me to see how much more successful people become once they know who they are.

[There is a paragraph about Jacob’s all night wrestling match with God and how he prevailed over his insecurities. Then I write. . .]

In just one night, a crushed man became a conquering nation! Usually that is all it takes—just one long, dark, desperate night. In Jacob’s case, a mighty legend struggled through many days as a second-rate imitation, not knowing that one night and a new life dream could change everything!

I would say the greater part of our society lives and dies in a Jacob-like pre-metamorphosis form. They are the Jacob who never blossomed and the Israel that could have been. It happens so often because few people ever push for God’s dream like Jacob did. Let’s be very honest. Besides a surface glance at Rick Warren’s best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life, most people never really wrestle with God about their identity. Our world is covered with millions, even billions, of striving Jacobs sleepwalking through the wastelands of meaninglessness, perishing without a clear life dream, doing what they do only because there is nothing better to do—whatever, wherever, whenever, until finally they retire to their pine box caskets.

Ding, ding, ding! It’s time to wrestle, Jacob—this one defining moment changes everything for you! As a million mondo-sized goose bumps race up and down your back and arms, stretch this out! Make it last! Take massive, immediate action before this opportunity passes. This morning, today, or sometime tonight—politely dismiss everyone and everything out of your personal space, lower the shades, lock your doors, and wrestle. Go after a new name—and don’t let go until you get it!

With Josh Baldwin, the striving is gone. He’s hit a place in his life, where his own identity is settled. . .and his full attention is where it needs to be: on the God he’s worshiping, and the people he’s leading in worship.

This is what separates all of the people who WANT to make a difference from all the people ARE making a difference on the highest level.

When you and I become more like this, we will really make the difference. . .just like we’ve seen it happen in our dreams.

Here is one of my favorite Josh Baldwin songs, You Deserve It All. It’s been playing on repeat in my head for several weeks. . .changing my life. Listen to it all the ay through and you’ll see what I mean.

I spent a few hours this morning, thinking about you guys and praying for you. . .asking God to change your life with this message.

With much love,

Dream Big!


Oh, and follow this link for a signed copy of Make Me A Legend!

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12 thoughts on “Hurry Up & Find Yourself So You Wont Have To Keep Trying To Prove Yourself To Others

  1. Dressmaking is no easy task especially when a dressmaker forgets his or her own (mannequin’s) measurements or does not check for accuracy. Likewise, we all have the potential to spiritually dress the world by applying our divine uniqueness to the equation of helping others look, feel and believe more in God and in the miraculous realm of things eternal. Yet, because of all of the interruptions, distractions and commercials in our lives, we lose or lost sight of our heartfelt desire to accomplish a particular goal in life.

    For example, I love doing things with family and friends, but for the longest time, I unknowingly ignored my heartfelt desire to serve because of all of the he said, she said conversations that stuff that “shouted over top” of my inner voice and heartfelt desire to serve. So, what did I do? I started spending the holidays and other days searching my soul with an inclined ear and increased interest in wanting to know what really satisfies my inner soul like a child hungry for a home cooked meal made with much precision.

    In turn, I was presently surprised by how I made a child smile in just “adopting” them for the holidays at the very least so that they could have a good, positive memory to look back on with a restored sense of hope. In addition, I was also surprised that my husband took such interest in helping me make it possible by supporting me and helping me 100%. This surprised me because I was so used to seeing projects completed in my childhood with one person doing everything.Furthermore, it seemed as if there was always little or no teamwork…

    So, what got me to do these kinds of things? I found it hard one day to leave my residence to go to another residence to “celebrate” knowing that there was a child with a broken heart and shattered dreams…for me, it was as disturbing as hearing a baby cry out endlessly for help and not be attended to…

    After all, for some people a dream is their only source of hope because they are and/or feel “homeless”…this is why we adopt “children” for the holidays…we’ve done it for 3 years now, we did it this year because we wanted to and to also do it in memory of Baby Nesiah, who we lost this year. And, for those who do not know, “Nesiah”, means “miracle of God”

    So my friends, do not forget to make it your goal to rediscover how you can make a difference in the lives of others and also be mindful that you do not have to wait to til holidays or for the start of a new year, start today…just as TobyMac states in his song, “City On Our Knees”

  2. Well spoken. We can try all our life to trying prove our self to others and our self. An miss out on what God wants us to do. it has taken me sometime to realize I don’t need the approval of men or myself, because God tells us to come to him as we are and that is the only approval I need. Think about how much more we could be doing if only we did not have to prove yourself.

    • Wanda, your recent rise from the ashes… it’s blowing my mind on every level! I’m praying for you often, so thankful to see God’s miracle!!!

  3. I play guitar, I love kayaking (and any watersports as a matter of fact), I love photography, anything to do with tractors/farming, and well, we all know, I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life on horses since I was three.
    But sometimes I think, is this really me? And if it is, then why do I shy away and say, yeah well I’d love to go harbour jumping with you, but I never carry it through with someone because I’m scared that because I’m only ‘young’ they will be worrying about me the whole time. Or when I’m riding, do I put on a show because I ‘think’ I am a ‘better’ rider than someone who has only been riding three years?
    I don’t know if you ever read my story off my old blog (I got a new one last week) but I was having a little ‘competition’ with a girl while we were training in April, and we got so competitive that we kept wanting the jumps to go up, and we eventually got to 1m 50 and I was jumping fine, if not perfectly (if I can say that without sounding really up myself) until the last jump…then the next thing I remember is being in x-ray where there was a few nurses round me and the place was so busy. I just remember them all rushing to get water and to get a blanket because I was shaking so violently they thought I was taking a fit.
    It must have been the scariest night of my life. The doctors didn’t really hold out much hope for me and if I did live then they didn’t expect me to walk or ride again. For someone like me who is so sport orientated that broke me. I couldn’t comprehend not walking again, and I didn’t know what to do but cry. My x-rays came back clear, and so they took my neck brace off and sat me up. That was probably the worst pain I have felt in my life. I got better and better when I returned home and got walking again. I am allowed to ride again, although not just quite yet, but I am walking and getting places like I used to! That is the miracle I needed in my life to really truly make me know why I love Jesus so much!
    From that night on I had promised myself that I wouldn’t act the fool and try to prove to someone that I am as good a rider as I believe I am, and I will never try to be someone I am not just so I can get satisfaction out of it in knowing I’m good at something. It is the night I told myself I would be what my mum drilled into me since I was wee….that I would be humble and be myself around everyone, because people love me for who I am, and not someone I try to be.
    I hope this all makes sense, not sure how it all ties in with each other, but I know you know what I’m getting at!
    If you want the story is in two different places….

    and also on a friends blog at

    Have a lovely morning/afternoon, whichever it is over there 🙂

    • WOW, it ties in perfectly with what I’ve written! I think that everyone does this to some degree. Striving is dangerous, even deadly. Your Mum’s advice is perfect: “Be humble and be myself around everyone, because people love me for who I am, and not someone I try to be.” Deborah, thank you again, for adding so much value to my life! 🙂

  4. This was for me. Wow! Thank you! I spent the last 2 1/2 years trying to prove God called me to do what I’m doing. I made a life changing decision today that I was going to stop. Then I read your post tonight, and wow, what a confirmation! I feel so free. God is awesome! Thanks for letting Him speak through you. Many blessings to you:)

    • Any honest soul, especially leaders at any level, would admit to wrestling with this “war on worth.” Having been taken captive by my own crisis of identity, I’ve also known the victory of finding my identity in Christ, which is a never ending commitment! Loved this spot on blog. Also, love the worship guy you wrote about. Indeed, he’s at the place in his life where he’s comfortable in his own skin.

      Thanks for who you are, too! 🙂

      • Bill, you were posting this message on my blog at almost the exact moment I was posting a message on your Facebook wall! We are getting closer and closer to doing ministry together, the synchronization is just about complete. I find myself agreeing with EVERYTHING your write. It’s fun.

    • Amanda, it was so great talking to you on the phone this week! Such an honor to call you my friend. Seriously, you’re an amazing person… with an amazing book and an amazing family to back up your message, “You Can Have A Happy Family!” I’m praying for you guys all the time.

  5. This is a great blog! Praying faith will be more popular than fear in 2012 so we can use our talents and not bury them. Fear holds so many back. People can’t grow in environments when they feel constraints of ‘a cookie cutter standard’. Judgement and criticism kills creativity, intimidation stops it before it even starts. Jesus made us all different and unique, Praying that we can embrace our uniqueness and differences, so we can boldly be ourselves!:)

    • Me too Mel… praying for 2012, may it be the greatest year of our lives. So excited about sharing it with you and Rich… and Rose and Emily and baby??????? 🙂