Make Me A Legend – Black Friday Sale – $8 Paperback/$12 Hardcover – Until 8:12PM!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Last night, my family went Black Friday crazy, for the very first time ever. . .and it was hilarious!

I’ve only seen Emily Balsamo that excited a few times in her life. She had a map of her stores and a brilliant strike plan. . .went in for certain items and came home with each of them! Mainly, she was thrilled about her $200 40 inch TV for the bedroom.

Coree Balsamo was even more insane than Emily. (He is so much like her). He pulled an all nighter with his friends, went to something like 20 stores with a written strategy like something you would see in a complicated multimillion dollar bank robbery film. Their night included a one hour midnight break at the Waffle House! (haha)

I was on the phone with Coree this morning, asking questions about his successes and he told me:

“Ok, well I can’t talk right now, this is worse than texting & driving.”

Sadly, I was not with them, because I injured my knee running in the annual Waynesboro YMCA Turkey Trot. My Daughter Heaven was the official turkey trot turkey!

Here is the Turkey Trot Video from NBC 29 – featuring Heaven, the turkey! (18 seconds into the video)


So… I decided to get in on the Black Friday fun with a creative Black Friday Sale! lol

Today Only!

Make Me A Legend – Black Friday Sale
$8 Paperback/$12 Hardcover – Until 8:12PM

You must order from this blog post. I am still signing every copy!

[Sale is over, link is removed, thank you for sharing the fun with us.]

From my family to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving weekend. With much love…

Dream Big,

Chuck Balsamo

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