Make Me A Legend – Hit’s Bookstores Next Week!

Happy Wednesday!

Make Me A Legend is now on sale for the Christmas season: $15.99 paperback, $22.99 hardcover. Don’t forget – I’m signing every copy ordered on our website!

Of course you can still order @ Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and a limitless number of other online stores in the USA, Canada, UK, India, Korea, (and everywhere else it’s popping up).

Besides online distribution, Make Me A Legend will be showing up in bookstores all over America next week – on the official November 15 publication date.

If you’ve been waiting to get your copy, now is the time.

If you’ve read it and loved it, order a few signed copies to give away as Christmas gifts.

One book really can change a person’s life forever… and this one was written over a period of 5 years to do just that! Don’t take me word for it, look at what others are saying about Make Me A Legend

This book has to the best book I think I’ve ever read, besides of course, the Bible! Chuck’s passion just leaps off the pages and ignites the fire in your spirit. This is a book you will want to keep and read over and over again. There is so much power in it. I never dog-eared so many pages in a book. I pray we would unite as believers and allow God to make us true legends for Christ. I pray this book stirs up the hearts of the body of Christ so God can bring a revival like nothing this world has ever seen before. Here I am Lord! Send me!!

Amanda Beth – Shelby Township, Michigan

Author of You Can Have A Happy Family – Steps to Enjoying Your Marriage and Children

Make Me A Legend is a prophetic message that carries the potential to shatter the religious norms that have confined the body of Christ to a small-minded existence and a diminishing impact in our world! As one of Chuck’s mentors, I have witnessed his exodus from obscurity to legendary, knowing the day would come when his voice would be released to the nations. Chuck Balsamo writes with a raw passion, spiritual insight, and humble transparency that will make him one of the leading voices for the supernatural move that God has begun in these days. If you are ready to be awakened to the legendary potential that’s been lying dormant within you, then what you hold in your hands is the wake up call for which your spirit has been crying out! Make Me A Legend is not just a book; it’s the beginning of a movement!”

Marion Dalton – Lexington, Kentucky

Founding Pastor & Visionary Leader of Bethel Harvest Church

In every generation a few legends are born to stand out. They go against the grain and do things a little bit differently than ordinary people. Jesus Christ, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Dietrich Bonhoeffer are just a few who created a cultural movement and sparked a revolution. In Make Me A Legend, Chuck Balsamo packs an empowering manual that goes beyond our wildest dreams. From trusting God in His perfect timing, firing up our God-sized dreams to building our foundation for the next generation, you’ll realize that this book is a gem worth keeping. We are also reminded that with great power comes great responsibility – AND humility. We need to remember where we came from and that God can take it all away if we aren’t careful. In all honesty, I found this book to be a great read and applicable to life. I felt Chuck wrote this book just for me because I can identify with it on many different levels. I remember as a child I was the one who always wanted to stand out from the rest and not have to follow the bandwagon and trends. In the end, I’ve come to realize that I was put on this earth for a reason. To spark a revolution? Sure! To create a legacy? Yes! Thanks to Chuck, I’ve fully identified my true legend within me to make a difference. This is a rare gem of a book and you’ll be glad you got yourself a copy. You were born to stand out!

Juan V Guerra Belmont, California

Graphic Designer & Influential Blogger @ JM Guerra

Make Me A Legend teaser video – created by Travis Lilly.

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6 thoughts on “Make Me A Legend – Hit’s Bookstores Next Week!

  1. Pastor Chuck has been and continues to be a true inspiration, friend, mentor and motivator to both my husband and I. It is no mistake that God knew what He was doing when He allowed our paths to cross on Facebook when Chuck sent me a friend’s request. I remember it like yesterday. I got the request, looked at his picture and thought, “Do I know him?”. Then, as curiousity grew, and I began to read his FB wall, I thought, “It’s time to inquire and get to know him”. And, since I first messaged him, my life has not been the same. How so? The friendship and ongoing support from him makes me feel so special that I feel like kid on Christmas awaiting to see what the wrapped presents are under the tree. Moreover, I even feel this way on my crappy days too. For this reason, I’ve become spiritually driven and confident to talk about my experiences unedited and raw, whether it is my asking for guidance or sharing to help someone else. See, I haven’t always been this way, but truth be told, what others are getting from the book, I continuously get firsthand from the friendship I have with Pastor Chuck…Truly, Pastor Chuck is an awesome man and without a doubt, my husband and I remain grateful for his presence in our lives.

    Helen Keller once said this, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” And, when I think about this quote, I think about how Pastor Chuck’s awesome outreach caters to the inner soul in such a magnificant way that we walk away hopeful because our souls have been fed manna.

  2. Christina, I cannot wait to meet you guys! Seriously, messages like the one you’ve posted change my life for the better! Thank you for speaking so kindly to me. 🙂

  3. hi chuck, got the book yesterday, started reading last night, already fired up and haven’t even gotten to the first chapter yet. thanks for sharing the measure God has put in you in print so that those of us who don’t live in stuarts draft can benefit from your ministry.

    here’s another idea for getting the word out: put your sermons on podcast. i’m sure many like me would listen every week.


    • Frank, you have inspired me since the day we first met… and you will continue to inspire me until I leave the earth! I can’t imagine how POWERFULLY this book is about to impact your life! It’s the message you already instinctively know… it’s the message you’ve been hearing blaring in your spirit for decades! Yes, we’re getting ready to launch a new website and with it PODCASTING and other media features. Looking forward to your reviews!! Love you old friend.

    • Also, pray about opening a door to us for your region! I’m touring with the book… all over America. Would LOVE to head your way. Just pray about it. 🙂