Reinvent Yourself!

Happy Tuesday!

It’s been a long while between blogs lately. Way too over scheduled at the moment. I’ll catch up though, and I’ll be back on my social networking game very soon.

I’m working with a team of big thinkers (brilliant, spiritual people) this month, brainstorming (through prayer and discussion) about how we can be far more effective at reaching more people. . .

. . .With less chaos and less hours, and with more great people sharing the dream.

There is always a better way of doing what we do!

Until now, I’ve been somewhat successful at making a difference. I have a blessed family, lead a thriving church, have 35,000 people in my social network (3 twitter accounts, 3 Facebooks, LinkedIn, etc.). I know it’s hard to believe but, I’ve actually corresponded with almost all of these individuals. It’s been fruitful and fun! Oh yeah, and my book is now published and it’s starting to spread!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been feeling like now is the time to really rise from obscurity! I’m talking about going viral with my life and message! To do this, I have to renovate my whole life plan, even more strategically than I’ve done it in the past. (See my Life Management System)

In 2012, our church is poised for exponential success, everyone around me will grow more next year than ever in their lives, my book will make it to the best seller list, and my social network will expand to way beyond 100,000 people. I plan to climb higher this year than the accumulated steps of the past two decades. Yes, it’s true!

Now let’s talk about you.

Is there a way to double your effectiveness, with less chaos and less hours, and with more great people sharing your dream?

Heck yes!

You can do exactly what I’m doing with my life right now. You can brainstorm (through prayer and discussion) a better plan. You can create new balance. You can plan to succeed at a much higher level, on purpose!

But you have to stop talking about your problems, and focus all of your energies on creating solutions. You have to know your limits, and break out despite them. Get out of fear and into faith. Stop hoarding and start giving. Be determined! Drive yourself out of the rut. Do it now!

To create this degree of sudden change, you have to consider the following factors:

  1. You might need a bigger, more robust team. (Train, inspire, recruit)
  2. You will need a strategic, written plan. (Write the plan)
  3. You might need a few new mentors. (Network with champions)
  4. You will need some new training. (Sign up for a conference, purchase the right books, look for mentorship)
  5. You will need a specific daily schedule. (So you’ll know what to do and what not to do)

Todays world is filled with challenges. People are losing control of their lives. Chances are, you have lost control of your life to some degree. Chances are, you’re waking up everyday to the relentless crashing of the waves.

This is that moment when you…

Reinvent Yourself.

I’m praying for you while I write, and throughout the day. Maybe this message will be the catalyst of change you’ve been hopping for!

With much love,

Dream Big!

Chuck Balsamo

Ps: Order your signed copy of Make Me A Legend.

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10 thoughts on “Reinvent Yourself!

  1. thanks Chuck,
    Just what I needed. this blog was a great encouragement to me as God has been speaking some of the things you mentioned to me. Great confirmation.

  2. Ok, I’m being silly here, but you could reconfigure and subtract some of the letters and since it’s so close to Christmas, you could “Invent Your Elf” or try to have “Ten Of Yourself”. You see, Santa has lots of elves working in the shops to build enough things so everyone gets something on Christmas. He has mastered his system of checks and balances, knows what everyone is doing all the time and knows exactly what you want/need. He has enough help to get the job done and is surrounded by those who knows their mission. even the reindeer are known by name and they have a leader (and yes, he was made fun of and called names, but look whose guiding the sleigh now!). Although Santa is a fictional character, the concept of how he orchestrates his business is an amazing one. It all goes back to the course “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell. If proper leadership is demonstrated in the home, in church, in school, in the workplace, etc… we would have lots of “elves” sharing the all work instead of a few “elves” trying to do all the work as well as recruiting (pleading with) others to do their part.
    Now on the “Ten of Yourself” note: that’s how most of us live and feel. If there were only ten of “me” so I could split up into all the roles I must fill daily. But everyone knows that’s nearly impossible and it’s an implosion waiting to happen. Unfortunately, that’s the way most of us operate b/c there is a lack of concern for others or we don’t want to accept “charity” (i.e. help).
    To Re-Invent we must be willing to go through the fire to clean out all the dross and let the Master pour the gold into a new mold. We must be willing to be shaped into and accept the newness He has for us. The process is uncomfortable, but if more couches were so, we would have a lot less couch potatoes. A re-do doesn’t mean we forget where we came from…it means we learn the lessons from the book that is closed and be ready to dive into the pages of a new book with new chapters, new adventures and new lessons. We must reboot-Ctrl, Atl, Delete (Control our reactions and behaviors, Alternate between ideas to foster creativity and Delete the mess that held us back for so long!)

  3. Great message. Thanks for the reminder about how we should stop talking about our problems and instead create solutions!!!!

    Brandy…..great visuals!!!!

  4. Really appreciated this. It’s also something I’ve been doing myself. I felt a strong call to ministry about 2 1/2 years ago and assumed it was senior pastor. Recently, after talking with my wife I’ve come to the realization that my call likely has more to do with writing than being a typical pastor. I don’t want to read too much into a couple blog posts I’ve read but the people I see who are people I could and would like to pattern my ministry after (not copy) keep echoing the same things I’m hearing. Thanks.

    • Is this my dear old friend Matthew Smith from Iowa? We should talk! I’ve wondered this same thing about you, noticing your curiosity for the deeper things of God… Your intense faith, and your concern for people! God definitely has His hand on your life!! Seriously, you must read my book as soon as you can… it’s all about activating people into their life calling! God knew what He was doing when He made us friends 14 years ago! I’m praying for you, so looking forward to your next ten years!! 🙂

      • Oh how I wish I was the same guy. If that’s how you treat friends you haven’t seen for a while, I want to be your friend:) Sadly, I’m from Pasadena, TX. If you don’t mind I’m going to take what you said and put it in my spiritual mojo box none the less. Going to have get your book now.

        • Lol, I suppose there should be more than one Matt Smith in this world. Really, it’s very nice to meet you Matt! It sounds like my message still fits for this scenario… so take it for yourself!! I’m praying for you new friend. Have a most triumphant day.