Cole Moore & Heaven Balsamo Engagement – Timeline & Images, The Joys & Tears

February 13, 3:00pm, Georgetown Urban Outfitters:

Cole Moore asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage! We were in the Urban Outfitters basement section. Cole pointed out how much he liked one of the journals they were selling. I told him, “Cole, I wonder if there is something going on with you lately, where God is trying to show you something about your future… you recently bought a business suit, and now you’re into journals? Maybe God is calling you to sales and marketing, or to something else in the professional arena.”

Cole responded with nervousness written all over his face, “Yeah… there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you. I want to ask Heaven to marry me.”

I passed out. Not really, but I sweated profusely, and the room started to spin around in circles, and I became light-headed! Of course, I gave him my fullest blessing. I smiled really big as I thought of how happy Heaven would be. But deep inside, there was pain like I’ve never known. What just happened to me? Did I really just give this amazing young man permission to take my daughter away from me, to be his to have and to hold forever? The most bittersweet moment of my life to this point.

February 14, 9:30pm, Keybridge Arlington, VA:

Tonight just outside of Washington DC, in a hotel elevator (where Emily and I are staying) somewhere between floors 17 and 12… Cole Moore proposed to marry our baby daughter, Heaven Balsamo!

They had dinner on the 17th floor, at The View Restaurant (Overlooking Georgetown).

During the meal, Cole asked Heaven, “What has been your favorite part of this day?” Heaven described the highlights through her eyes. Cole had planned to propose during the meal, but there were distractions from a nearby table.

After the meal, they entered the elevator, pushed the 12 button, and watched the doors close. Cole looked over at my daughter… and said, “This is my favorite part of the night (got down on one knee)… because this is where I ask you to marry me.” How romantic, just like a fairy tale, they will cherish that moment forever.

Although this is one of the proudest moments of my life, I’ve had 5 anxiety attacks in one hour!! lol!

Really, God has answered one of our deepest prayers tonight, giving our baby a fiancé like Cole Moore. His family is one in a million! They raised a gentleman. Out of all this world, God has given our daughter a young man of character, work ethic, and Christlikeness! His love for Heaven is a beautiful thing. Thank you God, for blessing us like this. Now please heal my aching heart, as I consider what this really means… and how my baby girl will become more devoted to her husband to be… and how she will soon be starting her own family. Even though I’m bursting with happiness for Heaven, I am tearful tonight as I reminisce of the past 20 amazing years with her!

February 16, 8:00am, Balsamo Residence Family Room:

In response to a thought-provoking Facebook comment: Yes, they do grow up so fast. You don’t realize it until after they HAVE grown up… then you say, “Wow, I wish I could have slowed that down.” Life is not like watching a film. It can’t be paused so you can have a few seconds to process what you’ve seen before watching some more. Life keeps forcing you forward.

I’ve never really felt old until this week. So many emotions, so many thoughts, I’m trying hard not to over think this moment. I’m very happy for Heaven and Cole… seems like just yesterday Emily and I were the two young kids in love, venturing out into the unknown. I’m now realizing how much can happen in a person’s life in JUST 20 years.

This morning, I so wish I could find a way to pause this film and process what I’ve seen… I wish I could rewind or go back a few scenes! But it will keep playing to the end. Then a new film will play, and another.

Life is short.





and listen.

Every day can be so much more special, when we pay attention to the things that really matter.

Please pray for me, daddy’s girl is really engaged to be married.

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My family and I would like to thank you for taking this adventure with us. Thank you for your kind remarks in the social network. Thank you for your prayers.

Have a beautiful day!

With much love,


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15 thoughts on “Cole Moore & Heaven Balsamo Engagement – Timeline & Images, The Joys & Tears

  1. Tell her Congrats from all of us! Besides the fact that now I’m feeling really OLD at 40! I realized that when she has kids of her own that I’ll be their Great, Great Aunt (insert fainting smiley here, lol).

    You know, it doesn’t seem that long ago that she was a baby who couldn’t open her eyes when you guys lived in that apartment. And here she is already in college, moved out and now engaged! Makes me wonder how fast it’s gonna go with Joey and I’m not ready for that!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! So excited for your family!!:) I can’t even imagine how my husband will feel when our only daughter gets engaged! Many blessings and prayers to your daughter and soon to be son-in-law:)

    • Amanda, I pray that when it happens, it’s as beautiful as that moment was for us. I know I’m being pretty dramatic, and acting all emo about this situation. But it’s more perfect than we EVER could have wished for. I pray that your daughter find a man as AMAZING as Cole Moore. 🙂

  3. Pastor well written ! I so know how you feel bitersweet it is! My one and only Is leaving us ! We are gonna so miss our Cole , he has been such a blessing to us ! Growing up I see his sweet little smile looking up at me when he got his first little dirt bike! Cole has always been such a great kid happy go lucky ! He still has that sweet smile! They are great kids their life together is gonna be a great experience for us to sit back and watch! I cannot wait to see what God is gonna do through both of these beautiful kids we have created! You and Emily have such a beautiful loving daughter and it all comes from the seeds you have planted within her! Matt and I are so very happy to be gaining such a beautiful daughter in law! Our families are joining in marriage! Good thing is we already have in spirit! We love you all so much!

    • Theresa, you and Matt are the greatest Mother and Father in law I could ever wish upon my daughter. You have raised the most amazing son I could ever wish for my son in law.

      The pain we all feel… is only because of the amazing LOVE Cole and Heaven have given to us as their parents for these past 20 years. This is the cost of genuine love… it never hurts unless it’s real.

      I know that they will be happy. I know that they will include us in their future joys and they will still look to us for guidance in lives biggest challenges.

      For me it’s the pain of knowing that I will no longer be number ONE in her eyes. Number two with a daughter like Heaven is still very good, but it’s not even close to number one. I will survive this, but it’s far more painful than I ever thought it would be.

      The blessing of seeing Cole and Heaven so happy together far outweighs the emptiness… and after I am finished crying for a few more days, or weeks… I will be ok.

      Your friendship has been a blessing beyond words. Thank you for raising a man who will LOVE our daughter and make her the happiest woman… for the rest of her life. I’m praying for Emily and for you and Matt, as we go forward into the future together. (smile)

  4. This is the most beautiful story! I am so excited for everyone. You, Emily, Matt and Theresa are wonderful people and it shows in your children. Great job to all of you!


  5. Thought I had tears when I read the Heaven foreword from MMAL but this did it just the same- sweated almost fainted…..

    I need to get in shape for this to happen…. Hope my heart can take it _ I was weeping at graduations and similar events I will be a mess at a wedding for them.

    • Marty, I will start to pray for you about this TODAY! lol, I think there is no advice that is sufficient… there are somethings in life that cannot be explained, only experienced. When your time comes, I pray that you will find strength from God, and from the loving friends you have. Today, is the worse day yet for me. The shock has been wearing off since I woke up this morning. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂