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This is a photo of Muhammad Ali and his great mentor/trainer Angelo Dundee. According to an article at The Telegraph

Angelo Dundee’s reputation was built firstly on Carmen Basilio – who won world titles at welterweight and middleweight – but then cemented with Muhammad Ali between 1960-81. Dundee was trainer in all but two of Ali’s 61 bouts, and he oversaw Ali becoming the first three-time world heavyweight champion. Looking back, they achieved the height of fame together. “The kid was electric,” Dundee would say, calling Ali ‘the kid’ right until he passed away, at the age of 90. They were boxing’s most famous double act. But Dundee always admitted that fighters “make trainers.”

Everyone has the potential of going so much farther in life with the right mentors. Now think about your own life. Is there a key relationship that hasn’t fully developed… one that can definitely turn you into a three-time world champion at whatever it is that you do? YES! The answer is YES!

This is what I’m talking about in Make Me A Legend, Chapter 14:: Mentors, Peers, and Apprentices

In today’s world, mentors are also referred to as fathers, or coaches. Behind every aspiring apprentice is a dedicated mentor; behind every star player is a brilliant coach; behind every flourishing son and daughter is a loving father. Without these coverings, potential legends are left to themselves to struggle and fail far more than they can handle the pain. It’s sad that most neglected children burn out of the race long before they have a real chance at living their dreams. I honestly believe there is a covering crisis in our world today. Each generation gradually worsens. We are neglecting our young, and this sin is hurting us. I believe this is a primary source of social infection in every declining civilization.

I see a vision of our young—mentorless apprentices, coachless players, and parentless children. They lay at the feet of the elder generation with plenty of unrefined talent, not able to turn their talents into skills, lacking the confidence that comes from being covered—they are face-down in the dirt, waiting for the people above them to step up and cover them!

Listen, as they pray, “Dear God, please let me stand out to someone. Please give me a mentor—a coach—a father. I’m so weak and confused, and I don’t know what I’m doing, and nobody seems to care about that. Anytime someone promising comes along, all they seem to want from me is a trophy they can wave in front of their friends. Please send someone into my life who loves me like you do—someone who really wants to give their life for the acceleration of my purpose. Dear God, will you please inspire someone to cover me, before it’s too late?”

Yesterday, I began a conversation about mentorship… and it became a hot topic on twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and this blog!

It seems that I’m right. People are praying and searching for synergistic relationships, more today than in recent years.

One lady asked me on twitter: What process would you recommend for finding a #mentor ?

Of course, I’ve written a whole chapter on the subject. Everyone should read Make Me A Legend as soon as possible, from chapter 1 – Beauty Is Sleeping, to chapter 17 – Untame Yourself. 

Here are a few more thoughts from my book about finding great mentors

Since God already wants you covered, He will make it happen when the time is perfect. Don’t get nervous, or obnoxious. Divine connections must form naturally. All you have to do is be yourself, and pay attention to the people you meet, the places you go, the friends you already have, and the friends of all your friends. Pay attention to everyone and everything. If you are yourself and pay attention long enough—before you know it, the sparks will fly!

I am not suggesting you sit at home and wait for your mentor to levitate his awesome self onto your front porch! Go ahead, be brave and test the waters. Put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and take a risk. Get out of the house, secretly interview people, hand out a few applications, and see what happens. Be very careful not to cave under the pressures of your unresolved insecurities and force yourself on the wrong person. Of course, you can always hire a life coach if you can afford it. Under the right circumstances, this is a very good option.

Whether your mentor is paid or volunteer, still you must wait for a chemical—better yet, a spiritual—reaction if you expect the relationship to last. Don’t ever settle for anything less than God’s mentor for your life. Find a mentor who will love you with a father’s heart. You deserve it.

Here is a great video about finding a great mentor from Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul


Let’s talk about this again today.

I just prayed for you.

Dream Big,


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2 thoughts on “Finding Great Mentors

  1. After reading this, I am even more inspired to pursue my personal goals in writing. Moreover, I am motivated to taking leaps of faith, putting my divine giftedness to use in ways that I have done in the past and in ways I have never done in the past because of what I learned thus far in my relationship with God. Also, the more I acknowledge my own divine giftedness, the better I feel about my relationship with God and myself. Why is that? I’ve seen and dealt with the repercussions of others “acting” because their prideful addiction to their own puffed up ego….Children have dreams and imaginary friends, but many have had more nightmares “live”….How much would life be different would it be if more children understood how much power they have to rise above and overcome because of the connection God has with each and everyone,