Mo[u]rning After The Super Bowl

Happy Monday!

The mo[u]rning after the Super Bowl.

Yes, it is the morning after and I am mourning… with thousands of New England Patriot fans all over America today.

The bad thing about a game like that is the humiliation you feel when you think back to the moments when you cheered your head off, when you thought you might have a chance at winning… you gave your all as a fan, your excitement went absolutely out of control, and you RAVED… only to be muffled to SILENCE during the final minutes of a game that raised your hopes, and then dashed you to pieces in front of all your friends.

I’m thankful that football isn’t a god in my life… but it still messes up my head for a few days when my team (of almost 30 years) keeps doing this to me!

Oh well, “Shake it off Chuck!” Yesterday’s DFC Vision Twenty12 Presentation, the worship, the passion, the unprecedented excitement… the entire service from beginning to end… was far more triumphant, far more meaningful, far more over the top than a Super Bowl victory could have been.

-My self talk this mo[u]rning. 🙂

At last nights party, I actually won the Chili Contest!

The names were undisclosed, the competition was fierce, and my own son even voted for another chili. The win was a real win!

It was fun winning that contest with my Uncle Tuff’s Tri-Umphant Chili recipe.

If it was my own recipe, I would have wanted someone else to win.

But my Uncle was so special to me, and he passed away at 41 years old (just a few years ago), just when we were getting so much closer (after being divided for a very many years).

It was a tragedy that still hurts often… and making that chili reminded me of the night he had my whole family over to his house to try his surprise recipe. He was so proud that night, not too long before his sudden and unexpected death. He would have loved that super bowl party.

He was a San Diego Chargers fan… but he would have cheered with me and been sad with me about the loss. Making his chili, made me think about him a hundred times yesterday and last night… if he was still alive, he would be one of my best friends today, a person I talk to every day… about his life and mine. He was a pillar in my fortress of support.

No real message today, just these few journal entries.

Destiny Family Center’s Vision Twenty12 is officially airborne! Thank you everyone for sharing our enthusiasm and making radical commitments to do this with us! More to come in the days, months, and years ahead!

I just prayed for all of my family and friends, as with every morning, that God will bless you with health and life and whatever miracle you need today.

With much love,


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7 thoughts on “Mo[u]rning After The Super Bowl

  1. I was a lil bummed too. But don’t let that steal your joy.

    The vision yesterday was incredible, and the most exciting plan I have ever heard!!!


    • Mel, do you really think so? I was just thinking a few minutes ago, wow, what if this vision happens just as it is written! What if everyone in our tribe says YES and stays on this train for the next five years? We really could change the WORLD. Thanks for your continual love and support, since the day you first came into our lives. And Rich too, what a great person he is.

      • Yes I really think so, I have never been more convinced of anything. Esp. the Chad Furlong part, our teens need this BAD! The statistic of kids raised in Christian homes not walking with God later in life was an eye opener for me and I hope is for others in the community. I know all of the other guests will be just as powerful but as the parent of a teen, this is esp.close to my heart. The youth could do fundraising activities to get him here. Car wash season in right around the corner!:)

        • I agree, the REACH event will be a highlight in all of our lives this year. I’m already praying that it will be the greatest youth outreach in this county… the greatest of all time.

  2. Nice layout, Chuck. Love ur gut-talkin post/blogs. All the best. I had the best of both, yesterday, at SB Party. I”m frm NJ & was pastor in NE. Either way, I was okay. Good to hear the genuine let-down of a dieheart fan. ;)., Liked ur summary, even better. The real battle still rages every day, too. Len

    • Len, what a blessing it is to have your encouragement this morning. Thanks for taking the time to write! I’m sitting in a starbucks at the moment, working on the outline for my second book, listening to elevation worship on youtube… can feel God wrapping His arms around me in a very special way. It’s really wild, like an outer body experience. In fact… I might write a blog about it. Better go see what happens, have a beautiful day, friend. 🙂