The Voice Of Endurance – I Will Survive!

In yesterday’s blog, I posted an image that has some real “attitude.” It was a brilliant typography, titled: Prove Them Wrong.

At first I was hesitant to use this image, but it felt necessary for several reasons… though, I assumed that I would need to explain myself at some point.

Thankfully, yesterday’s blog brought enormous victory to hundreds of people around the world. The interaction was powerful. Between Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and the blog… there were between 75-100 invigorating comments.

Last night, a respected friend, blogger, and author Zenobia Wise (of Virginia Beach, VA) wrote a powerful comment about the post. In that comment, Zenobia said:

“And while I love the picture with this post … deep down I know I do not have to prove them wrong. For the battle is not mine but the LORD’s.”

Here was my reply to Zenobia, and my reason for choosing yesterdays blog image: Prove Them Wrong

Zenobia, thank you for creating further discussion around this image.

I agree with your hesitation. Our focus should always be on remaining faithful to the Lord, never revenge, or vindication.

I appreciate your careful thoughts. I love what you wrote: “I just have to keep trusting Him, serving Him, worshiping Him, loving Him and remaining faithful to Him. He who began all these good works in me is faithful to bring them to completion. Mine is to never grow weary in well-doing and well-being …. to be like Christ. No plan of His is ever thwarted. ‘For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.’ (Habakkuk 2:3) Praise God!”

As your thoughts propose, we should never wish for the demise of our enemies. We should always guard our damaged hearts against bitterness and hate. In humility, we should love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us, and pray for those who spitefully use us and persecute us. (Matthew 5:44)

But we should also long for our release from their imprisonment, our vindication from the Lord, who is JUSTICE.

What I love about the picture (Prove Them Wrong) is that sometimes, when all of the negativity is being hurled at us like fire hoses filled with vomit… it’s important to have that inner voice that says,

“What they are saying about me is not true, and even though they are causing me great harm today, and they have broken my heart, and brought me to the depths of utter destruction… God will vindicate me in the end… even though it might take some time… in the end my destiny will surely come to pass, despite the opposition (people, circumstances, and spirits)… because no weapon formed against me will prosper AND every TONGUE that rise up AGAINST me will be CAST DOWN IN JUDGEMENT.”

This is the voice of endurance! It’s the Word of God living and speaking within us… to keep us moving forward through the storms of life. It is the affirmation that says: God is far more powerful than every resisting force. I will not die in this trial. I will not go out with a marred reputation. I may be in the valley today, but I will survive… and I will stand on the mountain again!

Thanks for the powerful discussion, Zenobia. You are a huge blessing everyone in this tribe!

Now can we have some fun with this conversation? lol

Don’t worry, I’m not writing a blog to explain this song tomorrow. It’s just for FUN! Haha


I just prayed for everyone. Love to you all.

Survive, Thrive, & Dream Again!


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14 thoughts on “The Voice Of Endurance – I Will Survive!

  1. Oh my this is such a powerful message right now in my life. Pastor Chuck I am proof that one can survive. The paths that I took to get here was not pretty sites. The words that were amoungst my mental thoughts were crowed with negative out comes.Always reaching but not seeing what was right in front of me instead taking the long rough route. The Lord Jesus has walked with me for many a years but me nah to stubborn and swayed to see and feel this. Yes I survived Yes he carried me Yes he held my hand Yes he loved me all the way Wow so happy that I did reach that mountain top. From hear and now my eyes are wide open my heart bursting with love, compassion. Wanting to reach and help others whom are just bearly surviving show them . TY

      • Ty Pastor Chuck I am transforming sometimes slowier then I want But knows that God has control and I trust him with all he has in his plan for me. I awaken each day thankful that he has let me survive and be able to share the joy I have with others so maybe they can make that change and walk with Jesus every step of the way in their lives. Sometimes it is so powerful I get shakey .

  2. Wow! This is So Right On! Such an overwhelming sense of God’s Peace rose
    over me, while reading this, as I’m going through this right now, in my life,
    right now! I’ve always known, no matter what, that God has “got this” and I
    stand on Matt. 5:9….”Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called
    children of God”…… and this writing was the “icing on the cake”! It may
    appe%ar that you are going down, this time, but Keep our resolve in knowing
    who we are in Christ and We Will Not be Moved! This Always ends up with
    the Peace of God, which is beyond our finite minds! Oh, Yea! Bring this day
    on, with His compassion ruling in us! The battle is His! The victory is Ours!

    • Wow Richard, I just commented to a lady named Rose on yesterdays blog… she commented about how the battle had gotten into her OWN MIND. Here is what I said to her:

      “I think this is why I’ve felt so compelled to write with so much boldness, confidence, and attitude. We must not take defeat lying down… no more! I’m praying for you this morning, that you will overcome the voices floating around in your mind… that you will RISE to LIVE LIFE to the fullest once again. Failure is not defeat unless we quit.”

      You have been through so much Richard, it’s really incomprehensible! But there you are still standing in the faith, still smiling, still believing. You’ve been broken and humbled (just as I have), and you’re better for it. I cannot wait to see how much MORE God will express Himself through your life over the next few decades! Love you friend. 🙂

  3. Wow.
    The Lord says to guard your heart, and I did not do that for years, and I got led down a path of destruction… all the way to my brief death, before the blinders fell off my eyes, thanks to Jesus and all the people He used. So for the last 7 years I have been rebuilding and renewing, all the way some people vomit these statements all over me: it can’t be done… I’ll never last… I’ll always be a failure… I’m not worth it… it won’t last-I’ll fall again… I’m pathetic… and the list goes on and on.

    But I forge forward wearing the armor of God, as He carries me out of the ashes. For every lie that is spewed at me, the Lord is whispering in my other ear that it’s not true, the truth is the opposite of what the enemy is saying. By “proving them wrong” I’m proving God right, and strengthening my faith. Not that I have to “prove” to anyone anything, but it’s my motivation and it’s mostly proving to myself more so than anyone else.

    And there is still this one person that was a part of that destruction in the past, that just won’t let go, won’t leave me alone, keeps harassing me, causing me harm, so it’s not an issue of just forgiving what someone has done in the past, which I have absolutely NO problem doing.

    My pastor says I’m the most forgiving person he has ever met. But with this particular person, it’s an ongoing DAILY process of having to forgive them, as I wonder what attack tomorrow will bring. The closer I get to the Lord, the more I do, then the worse the attacks are.

    Some days I grow so weary… but then the Lord uses someone like YOU, Chuck, to renew, revitalize my strength and get my focus back on the Lord, not the enemy. Makes me think of Psalm 91 too.

    Thank you, Chuck and God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terry, I’ve learned so much about your HEART through this comment! You are a beautiful person!!! I’m so happy that Zenobia helped me to continue this conversation… because your comment JUST added so much VALUE to the last two blogs! This is why I wake up every day… to see the Light of love and encouragement SHINE into peoples lives… and to know that it really helped. You are such a blessing!!

  4. It has been that thought that has gotten me in trouble at times. When my wife and I started Vertical Connection Ministries 7 years ago. There were those around us that said some discouraging things, “you will never make it”…..some said. I developed that attitude, “just you wait and see.” Go ahead, doubt me and then just see what we will accomplish. I soon learned that attitude got me nowhere.

    We endured many negative comments from others about us. Things were being said that were not true, things said in private. I have learned that things said in private will eventually come out, you know the light will expose the darkness. In ministry there are no secrets, God exposes everything that hinders His work.

    In that first year of ministry I learned about the heart. If we allow the things that others say about us to cause bitterness to enter the heart we become less effective in ministry. Allow Jesus to fight those battles. focus on Jesus and what we are called to do. When Jesus is the focus, what others say don’t bother us. When we allow the voice of the world to create in us a, “just you wait and see” attitude Jesus then has to work in us rather that through us. Thank you for reminding me about the attitude of the heart.

    • Glen, look at the difference you are making for so many people, every day. It’s beautiful to know that you have survived… and that you still have faith, and LOVE. It’s great to know that my words have blessed you today. I’m praying for you friend. 🙂

  5. I am a survivor with a soldier’s mentality and it is solely because of God’s unconditional love, grace, sovereignty and Will already in place. Because of this, humanity’s flaws have insufficient power to dominate and overrule because God created me and connected me directly to Him like a person put on life support.

  6. Love it! Amen! That’s one of my favorite verses: ‘For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.’ (Habakkuk 2:3)
    Thanks for being an inspiration! God bless:)

  7. It is so encouraging to read all the comments on these last two posts. It is great to have a forum for believers to come to share glimpses of their journey. We’re all in this together. And you are such an encouragement Chuck. There is a sound which emanates from your blog and it is that voice of endurance … that ‘I will survive’ attitude. And not only survive but thrive and have impact in this world for the cause of Christ. God Bless!