From The Video Archives: My 7 Step Best Week Plan!

Are you feeling a little off your game this year? Did you set a few worthwhile goals, and right about now you’re starting to think you were out of your mind for dreaming so big?

It’s only March and there is still time generate some real momentum. But, you have to act soon!

Would you like to take charge of your life and get back on task this week?

Here Is My Seven Step Best Week Plan

  1. Empower yourself during the first hour.
  2. Meditate on one Bible verse all day long.
  3. Resists the dissempowering energies of bad people.
  4. Have a happy, positive, energizing conversation with one powerful peer every day.
  5. Increase your energy and multiply your happy endorphins.
  6. Become a master of balance: allocate time for each of your 9 life equities.
  7. Power yourself down each night with a prayer.

What would happen if you followed this plan every week between now and December 31st? Could you have the happiest, most fruitful, successful year of your life? The answer is YES.

Watch this short teaching video: My Seven Step Best Week Plan


This video was recorded a year ago. I’m not rocking my favorite look here, that’s for sure! lol, but it’s still a powerful teaching.

To watch this video on the RSS feed, click this link.

I prayed for you. Have a great best week!

Dream Big,

Chuck Balsamo

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    • Deb… Thanks for sharing the link with your friends and family on facebook! What an honor. I’m praying that it blesses everyone like it’s blessed you. 🙂