Two Keys to (Daily) Peace & Happiness

Here is a comment from Steffanie (about yesterday’s blog)…


I was compelled to come “visit” your blog this a.m. I am in one of the MOST difficult seasons of my life. I know we have yet to meet (other than on Twitter and by association through my sister Kim E.) but you have been an encouragement and inspiration to my life and walk. (Imagine what your book might do for me!) This season of life is requiring a level of faithfulness, of which I failed many times, and endurance that is unparalleled.

You wrote: “Just when I feel like my most intense battles are behind me, I wander onto a battleground so fiery, it punches the life from my lungs.” This articulates clearly where I am – even though some of this battle I entered because of my own sinful choices and human frailty.

I could sit and write my own blog here (yes, I do actually have one) but I simply wanted to say “thank you”. Thank you for your authenticity, your compassion, your encouragement, and your unwavering faithfulness. Lord shine His face upon you… oh, wait… He does!

Here is my reply to Steffanie and my thoughts for each of you today…

Steffanie, You’re a natural writer! Wow, your words are moving. Even though you’re going through so much, you are still hanging on by a thread… and more than that, God is holding you up. He will never let you go.

Thank you for encouraging me. I wake up a few hours before the sun every morning, with TWO strong desires:

  1. To love God with more and more of myself, because “He who is forgiven much, loves [God] MUCH”… and I have been forgiven much! It makes me truly and eternally grateful… oh how I love Him!
  2. I want to make that once in a lifetime difference in someone else’s life. Whether it is on the social network, or on the phone or text, or it’s in person… or even through my prayers… I ask God to grant me this ONE wish (every day), to spend me up for the sake of helping others.

It’s sounds so honorable, but still, just like every other person, I’m only as good as the God who gives me these desires. When we say, to God be the glory… some people mean it more than others. I can’t say it enough, because I believe it to be true on the highest level. He is the LOVE that lights my heart and yours.

These are the two keys to (daily) peace and happiness! Don’t you agree?

Let’s do this more today than we did it yesterday! Let’s LOVE God and LOVE others (Matthew 22:37-40)… on a JESUS level. Let’s live like MOTHER TERESA and help the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate people in our world. There is always someone out there who has it worse than us. Let’s bring them light and hope today… and every day.

Your thoughts?

I must post this video again, because it’s changing my life this week.


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I just prayed for all of you, called out many names and also prayed a blanket prayer over everyone in this tribe. I hope you feel the difference…

Dream Big,


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4 thoughts on “Two Keys to (Daily) Peace & Happiness

  1. Chuck,
    I am humbled… the glory of God radiates through your life. You epitomize the ‘more” in the promise of being more than a conqueror. I will heed your words of encouragement; I will ask Lord to deepen both of the desires you mentioned. I too DEEPLY desire to speak life and hope in the lives of others for and to the glory of our God… I am just in a season where a lot of ‘junk’ is being brought to the surface. Just when you think you have been to your most broken place… well, you know. I will walk it out; but am praying I will return to “running” the race… soon. As I imagine Joseph would say: When you are given a promise, most often there is process between the pit and the palace. I am definitely in process!
    Blessing & Favor be all over you today!

    • And blessings to you as well. I’m preaching on Sunday about Joseph and the coat of many colors… and about God’s favor. There is definitely a process… a journey. We cannot fail, as long as we don’t give up! Thank you for encouraging me. Your best days are still ahead!

  2. As you encourage a many a soul you also encourage me Pastor Chuck. Your heart is so big and your soul so peaceful. I thank God everyday for Destiny Family Center being in my path of life. My new Life is walking with Jesus Christ desireing to help all whom do not know him. I also thru my words here and walk of life each day pray that those that are in my path may see the love of Jesus thru me. Open their eyes and hearts , take their hand and lead them to a everlasting life. In this new life I have and still do have so much “junk” also surfaceing. But I stand tall knowing Jesus will walk me thru and give me the tools I need in his time. May your journey be fruitful and always full of passion.