Blog #900 @

This is my 900th blog.

9 0 0 NINE H U ND R ED !! !!! ! !! !! !! ! !!!! !    ! !! !

That is 7 5 0 , 0 0 0 words, enough to fill 8 books or more, almost 3 straight years of DAILY messages for this tribe!

These words represent a huge chunk of my life.

  • 1800 hours
  • 108,000 minutes
  • Almost 11 straight weeks of writing 24/7

Wow. Where did my life go?!?!?! lol

Here is another guy who pulled off a 900!


I won’t quit skating until I am physically unable. -Tony Hawk

That’s the way I feel about encouraging and inspiring others with my life and with my words. I won’t quit until I am physically unable.

I think I shall reward myself for today’s accomplishment!


Oh, and you should reward yourselves too! Thank you for 4800 comments and the phenomenal interaction we have shared together. We are better together… there’s no doubt about it.

God bless you.

Dream Big!

Chuck Balsamo

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4 thoughts on “Blog #900 @

  1. Thank you for sharing your life, your wisdom, and your love. You are an encourager and people can tell that you do it sincerely.

    HAPPY #900!!! Here’s to 900 more!


    • Hey thanks Rick… and THANK YOU for posting phenomenal messages on your blog site as well. We are better because of our friendship! God bless you sir. 🙂