Journal: God’s Furious Love For Us!

5:00am Thursday, April 6, 2012

Dear Journal: God loved us before we loved Him. He loves us far more than we can ever love Him. At best, all we really give him is our weak affection. He is the magnetic force that keeps us in His hand. We give him ONE SECOND, and He gives us ETERNITY. This amazing God draws us to Himself and keeps us to Himself forever and ever with His furious love for us! I’m blown away with the thought of this.


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Your thoughts?

I just prayed for you all. Have a beautiful day.

Make A Difference,


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9 thoughts on “Journal: God’s Furious Love For Us!

  1. I was just thinking about this last night. It wasn’t until then, that I really considered how I’ve begun to live differently in the last few months because of personal conviction to one simple verse: who do you say that I am? Yes I have read the verse numerous times, but when I considered the fact my tolerance level did not reflect what I believed, I knew it was time to make a change. Surely, it was not the time to compromise, but the time to be empathetic, assertive nonjudgmental and full of coompassion for those that lacked understanding concerning the things above.

    • The goofy phone put Christine Wright, but you know it’s Boyle.Thank goodness that as much as things and people tend to bring up the past, at least we have the echo of a promise in Corinthians 5.17

  2. I like that song too. I’ve never heard this version of it though, only the more recent one by…umm I think the David Crowder band (could be wrong on the name of the group). Sitll, it’s a good song.

    It always amazes me just how much God does love us even though we often don’t give Him the amount of love and respect He so deserves. Sometimes I wonder if we are even capable of giving Him that much, since we are human, but even still, that is no excuse not to love Him with our whole being. We need to love Him in all we say and do.