Recorded Prayer: The Prodigal’s Return

The following prayer was recorded on Thursday night 3.28.12 at a Destiny Family Center prayer meeting…


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Here is a section of my book that parallels with this prayer…

Make Me A Legend

Chapter 6: Hurry Up And Find Rock Bottom

The Turning Point

Once you’ve really been there, you will always remember rock bottom as the Eden of your re-creation! Even though right now you may be gasping for air, only a few seconds from flat lining your way into eternity, rock bottom is a wormhole in the core of hell that transports the dead back into the land of the living.

While rock bottom will always be the low mark of your life, it is so much more—rock bottom is the starting location for your next exciting journey. So no matter how bad things might be going in your life right now, go ahead and free your heart to hope again! This moment is the end of your life as it has been to this point, but it need not be the end of you. Change your perspective! Be optimistic about all the suffering you’re going through, for this can be the start of something wonderful—it can be all upward from here, if you just do the right thing at rock bottom.

In my own life, I’ve been shocked with how fast God can shift the momentum back in my favor. It’s nothing for God to work a 24-hour miracle! It doesn’t matter how far down you’ve fallen; if you’re serious about returning home, this is the moment when God steps in like a superhero to the rescue. He’s been waiting for this moment all your life, and here it is! Father is livid with your enemies! He’s been anticipating the rock-bottom prayers you’re now praying. He’s never forced Himself on you before today, but if you’ll open your heart, He’ll rush in like a gale-force wind! Open the doors and windows as wide as possible—let the fresh, spring air in! This is a new season in your life!

Swooping down out of nowhere, it would seem, with His bare hands He will tear apart everything that has been making you cry. Stop trembling in fear! You’re safe now. You’ve come under the omnipotent protection of God. Just reach out and take your Father’s hand. Be still for a moment and let Him have a look at you. God specializes in fixing broken people and shattered circumstances. God is the restorer of broken dreams and the giver of new ones! No broken person is broken beyond repair. Every person is fixable! Yes, God can fix you!

Your thoughts?

I just prayed for you. With much love…

Dream Big,


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13 thoughts on “Recorded Prayer: The Prodigal’s Return

  1. Amazing!!!!!!! The prodigal’s are on their way back!!!! This morning I was listening to Hillsong United, Tear down the walls, this is the part that got me so pumped;

    “Oh for all the sons and daughters
    Who are walking in the darkness
    You are calling us to lead them back to You
    We will see Your spirit rising
    As the lost come out of hiding
    Every heart will see this hope we have in You”

    I walked so fast after hearing those lyrics! I have had a burden for backsliding people who really lost their way. I remember that ‘lost’ feeling to be backslid before I came back to Jesus. I have family and friends that are now and I pray like crazy. It’s so hard to not feel like you’re walking on eggshells in fear for them but wanting to know when to listen and not preach to them. Trusting God and focusing on what he says has helped so much. The rock bottom is an awful thing to witness but they realize they need Jesus again it is just beautiful! I can’t wait to welcome them back and hear the testimonies of those coming back to him:)

    • Thanks Amanda!! Let’s pray for people we know who are at rock bottom today. I’m praying with you for all you know. May God use us and others like us to reach them. 🙂

  2. This blog and prayer are fantastic! Here is a wild spin on the prodigal: I was thinking about how I used to be a “Preaching Prodigal”. I was not like the prodigal son who had left his father’s house, rather I was still in the father’s house, not realizing or appreciating the goodness I woke up to every morning. I was a spendthrift with the life God had given me, wasting it away on depression, negative thoughts, anger and dwelling on the past. I could tell others of the goodness of God, but would then go lay in my personal pigpen and wallow in the mud, begging for pigfeed, when all the while a feast was waiting for me at the Father’s table. The Father had allowed me to stay a “rock bottom” while still in his house. Why? Because I had to learn that I was in fact not a pig, I did not belong with the pigs and in order to climb out of the pigpen, I had to first GET UP! I had to climb out, get cleaned up from all my mess, walk to the table, sit down and eat! God had to let me wallow, wail, snort and oink in the backyard with the pigs, then come in the house from the backyard everyday until I was good and ready to realize I was a Child of the King! The Father didn’t kick me out only because He knew I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t know how to change, and He knew leaving would be my demise. Unlike the Prodigal Son who left the father’s house, I chose to stay at the house, but go outside and live like livestock everyday and return into the house every evening. You see the contrast there? When I finally got tired of dressing myself, wearing my own clothes, wallowing in the muck and mire, I let God clothe me with His righteousness and I then no longer was held captive by the allure of the backyard pity party, I was no longer lavishing others with the goodness of God while excluding myself. I allowed God to lavish me and was able to receive His love. I had never left His house, but I had been living there in a clouded state of mind. I could preach the Word to anyone who had an ear, but my heart was no in a place to receive the very words coming out of my own mouth! I spent up many years of my life, often ruining my testimony and forfeiting God’s gifts because I was too busy with the mess and not concerned enough about being blessed! Now I know I’m not walking on hooves and I am no longer a “Preaching Prodigal”….I am my “Papa’s Princess”!

  3. I am finally able to get around to reading your book (thank the Lord for Spring Break!), and I just read that chapter the night before last. I am about half way through chapter 10 at the moment, and I am really enjoying the book. It’s very inspiring!

    I also loved reading about your dream – the one where there are thousands of people and you are on stage – so awesome! That night I prayed for God to show me a dream like that for me…only mine ended up being about being in a hurry and trying to open a combination lock on my locker. It was a weird, new type of lock and I could only seem to get a couple of the numbers and had a difficult time getting the other ones dialed in. I woke up and wrote the numbers down (either 706952 or 706592)…it was weird but I don’t know if that was from God or just my strange mind.

    Anyway, glad to be finally getting the chance to sit and read your book!

    • Shelley, I just thought you didn’t like it! lol thank you for taking the time to write these encouraging words!! You made my day. I still pray for you often, hope you’re doing very well!! That dream is pretty exciting… the fact that your spirit is awakening and something NEW seems to e happening!

  4. Wow Paster Chuck Wow With no fear now I am am free. I thank God so much for all he has given me. yes I was there and yes I am free Thank You Jesus!!

    • Deb, we have all gone astray, and the Good Shepherd came to us where we were, and His LOVE melted through our icy hearts… He rescued us from indifference… He carried us to safety in His arms. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for standing in the gap for the lost! My close cousin just passed away last week due to an overdose. She was only 2 days shy of turning 32 and she leaves behind 3 precious boys. As I got the news about my cousin, my own brother was heading for a Greyhound bus to come to my house to dry out and get off of the drugs. He’s been clean for over a week now, but still needs many prayers to continue on his journey. I also have another brother who is a drug addict, but he has no desire to change. I thought he had hit rock bottom, but some people’s bottom, is not what we would consider our bottom. I’m just praying that my cousin’s funeral will have a huge impact on him and that he can turn and see the light, and reach for it! Thank you again! You are such a blessing!

    • Amanda, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I am praying for your family… and especially for your brother, that this will really be his new beginning! God is using you to shine a light… and make a difference. I’m praying for you my friend. Keep the faith and don’t get weary.

      “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” (Galatians 6:9 NLT)