Here is a message I posted on Facebook this morning (then more thoughts to follow)…

If you are burnt out, and if you are stuck in a rut that is taking you nowhere in life… you can steer in a new direction.

It starts with a new dream.

Pray, collaborate with other dreamers, and doodle the options.

Uncover your deepest passion and the divine reason for your existence… mine it from the expanse of your whole life to this point.

Do this and you will have the first real chance at true happiness and fulfillment.

Do what you LOVE to do. Do what you were MADE to do. Dream the dream, and then live that dream.

Create a life you don’t have to escape with vacations. This is God’s will for your life!


As you can tell, I’ve been rethinking my own life lately. I want additional revelation from God about my higher reason for being.

Life has been successful to this point, many accomplishments… but I’m positive, the REALLY BIG THINGS are still ahead.

Here is a huge key to staying in our destiny! We must evaluate our progress at least every few years and then INNOVATE (tweak, adjust, enhance)… because new experiences generate new possibilities… and the master plan becomes CLEAR as we race forward to our destiny.

Most people are scared to do this, because they fear the changes it might demand.

Don’t be afraid to dream outside the box.

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference…


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8 thoughts on “Re-Dreaming

  1. I loved when you said, “Do what you LOVE to do. Do what you were MADE to do. Dream the dream, and then live that dream. Create a life you don’t have to escape with vacations. This is God’s will for your life”.
    This has been the year for me to be deep in thought, asking God, WHY am I here… what is my purpose in life… how can I change my direction and start living a fulfilling life…
    Your blogs ALWAYS help me so much to help define life, and God’s intentions.
    You are a major blessing in this world. Thank you for allowing God to work through you everyday.
    Teri 🙂

    • Teri, I’m so blessed to be taking this journey with you. The answers are coming!! I’m praying for you this afternoon… that God will make His plan more and more clear to you… so that you can’t possibly do anything in life except the plan!!! 🙂

  2. Chuck,
    This is such a time-relevant message and so on-point! Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a dreamer, called to inspire dreaming! I know…because I am one, too! You have so much more to give and to do…I am so glad you are on this quest for the newness that God is taking you to. Its a good thing. Hang out with him, be like him. Hang out with him, you’ll end up doing what He wants to do. Its inevitable! This is what I’m learning lately, so I thought I’d share it! Love you so much and wish I could have heard Emily’s recent message! I love this journey!

  3. Although I am just now reading this, I am forever inspired by how you are determined to speak a word of life into the hearts of many. Obviously, we all beat to a slightly different beat, we all have different needs, but it is awesome to see how you rediscover ways to effectively minister through God. After reading this, I felt enlightened to persevere like Tom Hanks did in the movie, “Forrest Gump”, when the lady that played “Jenny” says, “Run Forrest, Run” and the braces begin to fall off with distance and effort.

    • Awesome!!! Was just looking at my schedule a few days ago… and this is when you were coming to VA for the wedding vows. Sorry it couldn’t happen, and I’m still looking forward to meeting you guys!

      • No worries Chuck…God always has a unique way of handling things. His thoughts and His ways exceed ours. It is simply a great illustration of how the Divine is able to do above, beyond, and exceedingly more than we could ever think, say or imagine, regardless of avoidable and unavoidable circumstances. After all, it exemplifies His love, dedication, and commitment to each of us, even when we are unaware of what lies ahead or within.