If You CAN Work, PLEASE Work

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that 47% of Americans are overly dependent on Government assistance. The comment created an uproar.

Watch this video (then continue): Mitt Romney Comment

In my opinion, providing entitlements to those citizens who are completely unable to work is good thing (we should do that)…

But if you CAN work, PLEASE work.

Don’t wish for a government that will give you more and more. It’s a trap.

Here is a section from my book on this subject…

Make Me A Legend

Chapter 7: Earn Your Keep

The Deadbeat Epidemic

It’s a front-page story—fast becoming a large-scale, countrywide crisis. Will this be the end for us? Yes, of course, unless we get up and do something. It seems to me that freeloaders largely outnumber breadwinners; and one person can’t carry ten deadbeats in today’s expensive world.

This isn’t about one or two lazy people. We have an epidemic on our hands! Deadbeat dads, moms, and kids, deadbeat workers and bosses, deadbeat politicians, deadbeat Americans and Europeans—deadbeat people! Everyone has a few friends or family members with onset deadbeat tendencies. Some of us may even have it ourselves and not know it yet.

Hurry up, cover your mouth and disinfect your hands! Put on a yellow mask and a pair of rubber gloves. It’s spreading!

Initial symptoms include: an exaggerated longing for rest, a lost desire for work, an inability to get off the couch, and a decreasing concern for the well-being of one’s family, community, church, and country. Even worse, DB massacres ambition, rendering its victims useless.

As for my family and me, we would rather die a bloody death at the front lines of today’s hottest battles than to live in the false comforts of self-preservation. God forbid that we should even slightly deviate from our dreams. God forbid that we should drag out our days knowing that our lives matter for no cause beyond our own survival.

I cannot bear the thought of scrounging off of anyone else’s hard work for even a single day, without putting back something far more valuable in the days that follow. No, instead I pray in earnest that God will expend every last ounce of us Balsamos—that He will feed a hundred nations and many generations with the great quantity of plunder acquired with our calloused hands.

Naturally, there are times when we all need to live on the efforts of others—while recovering from a serious injury, after the sudden loss of a job, or during some other category-five catastrophe. During these hard times, we should never feel guilty for accepting a few handouts. Instead, we should thank God for the blessing of friends, families, and charities, and pay special attention to the way it feels to be loved by others. Then, right after recovery, we should emerge with newfound compassion to make a bigger and more lasting difference in our world!

For more: Order your copy of Make Me A Legend.

America is treading water (much more than we know it). We should definitely care for our disabled and elderly, but we can no longer carry the able bodied/able minded dead-beats on our shoulders… we are sinking.

In my opinion, a dead-beat is someone who is able to work and pay for their own housing, food, education, etc., but they rely on the government instead.

Emily and I have known the lows and highs of poverty and abundance. We have seen bad times and good times. Sometimes very bad and sometimes very good. We once received government assistance (an appreciated it), when we needed it. But during those days, we had a strong desire to steady our feeble knees so we could stand on our own two feet as fast as possible.

Somehow, we must teach this virtue to others and spread it like fire through our land.

UPDATE: Bill O’Reilly posted a video (2 days after this blog) called, “The Slacker Factor.” Check it out!

Your thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “If You CAN Work, PLEASE Work

  1. I think that sometimes life happens and try as you might, you can’t find work. I get that case, but assistance should be a temporary thing to help people who are having trouble, not a way of life, unless you can’t work.

    I’m actually in a situation where I’m building a small business and the work ebbs and flows. I’m contemplating getting help even though when I was fired from my last corporate job I didn’t get unemployment or any other help. I don’t want to, but I feel like I’m so close to a tipping point that I don’t want to quit right before I start becoming profitable. I think this is an occasion to get help, but it should be as temporary as possible.


    • Awesome Paul! I’m praying about your business this afternoon… asking God to bless it, and bless you with a tremendous degree of favor. Have a most triumphant day friend.

    • i cant spell well i know this read if you like pastor i know you will peace it togeather lol. i feel that the us goverment also is to blame and y i say this is they are spending more than past i mean 16 trilion something like that , they spend or make money like there is no end , they want to persucute the ,yes some are freeloaders and some will never change but when we as church go and feed the homeless in dc we are trying to give a hand up not out and show them that god hasnt forsacken them and still is right beside them and some truly dont care cant qote but dose it say in bible somewere that we are not to be judged thetre is but one person witch in my book is christ so to suport some one eatheron of the people running are not the greatest to doing eny judgeing obama lol little jk , yes he did good in past 4 yrs and has seen and ben there, romnae lol he has never ben pore has had most if not all handed to him from old money ,,,,,, im not saying that is bad but if you have never ben in the deeepest part of add raceisum just so far down that you thought helll was just anouther way of life , i might be wrong and judgeing little my self i hope and i pray the god will alow the right person not for his vew or ours but to help all americans come out of this and 49% come on its proble lots more be cause look at the rich lasey dont want to pay taxes they think they ernd it and why why why pore they dont have a women that has 6 kids none of our with her wants more help and you also look at me heres little i rased two kids with 65 a mounth for both kids because there mom didnt want to do nota i have lernd maybe she didnt know eny beter maybe she was moveing in to a new plato i dont know it has take a realy long time to relise the glas was half full or half empy . and ebvery day i thank god that i got the help from goverment that i did and that she was there to beapart of wht she was with out here i would not have two beautiful kids for i ty her and i th god for bring her in to my life when he did .i hope we all look at this if u like ok if not oh welll , know we are not alone and god didnt bring us this far to see us fall we aloso have to use one of the bigest tools he has ever given us wich is prayer think on it love life and take care of your felow man dont put them down lift them up ya know kinda like teaching them to fish wht do we do we teach them how to pervide for life posable love you alll ill see you sunday paster ty for the prayers , i hope that with all thats going on right here just in draft that leave the palitical out of church i will not let it run me out like has some but thats me love you alll

  2. Terrific – and true – post Chuck. I believe a large part of this epidemic is a tragic disconnect for a vast number of Godly (or want to be Godly) people: that they play a vital role in the world even if they are not in “ministry.” Almost all of the Acts activity took place in the Marketplace yet most Christians live two lives: Sunday and non-Sunday. Thanks for doing your part to change that perception and empower people to become legends – we need them.

  3. Hey Chuck-
    Sorry, but I don’t agree with your the “deadbeat” analysis. Though in our society, we do have our fair share of DBs, however I think the implication that people are in need of assistance because of their laziness or willingness to live off of someone else’s wealth is a farce. This is why.
    Our government has a responsibility to the weakest and the poor among us. Government cannot do it all, but there is a vital role for it. Some of the ailments of our society are from systemic injustice. If we look at the Old Testament, we will see that all the major and minor prophets rebuked the ruling class for the lack of concern for the poor and voiceless – mainly immigrants. The ancient Israelites were inspired by God’s Spirit to build a society that ever more clearly protected human life and dignity. And like us, they were not always successful. In their day the prophets raised their voices to defend the poor and call for greater social justice. The prophet Isaiah proclaimed:
    Ah! Those who enact unjust statutes,
    who write oppressive decrees,
    Depriving the needy of judgment,
    robbing my people’s poor of justice,
    Making widows their plunder,
    and orphans their prey! (10:1-2).
    Time and again the prophets of the Old Testament defended the poor and powerless. Ezekiel scolded the leaders of Israel: “You did not strengthen the weak nor heal the sick nor bind up the injured. … but ruled them harshly and brutally” (34:4). In the name of God, Zechariah admonished: “Judge with true justice, and show kindness and compassion toward each other. Do not oppress the widow or the orphan, the resident alien or the poor” (7: 9-10).
    The prophets also railed against the injustices inflicted on laborers. Jeremiah declared:
    Woe to him who builds his house on wrongdoing,
    his roof-chambers on injustice;
    Who works his neighbors without pay,
    and gives them no wages (22:13).
    Isaiah warned that God would not recognize ritual fasting because “on your fast day you carry out your own pursuits,/ and drive all your laborers.” He argued that the fasting God wished consisted in:
    releasing those bound unjustly,
    untying the thongs of the yoke;
    Setting free the oppressed,
    breaking off every yoke…
    sharing your bread with the hungry,
    bringing the afflicted and the homeless into your house (58: 3, 6-7).
    The prophets also championed God’s desire for peace. The prophet Micah echoed the vision of Isaiah:
    They shall beat their swords into plowshares,…
    One nation shall not raise the sword against another,
    nor shall they train for war again. (4:3; cf. Isaiah 2:4).
    Jesus himself stood firmly within the tradition of the prophets. In the Gospel of Luke he describes his mission in the world-transforming words of the Prophet Isaiah:
    “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
    because he has anointed me
    to bring glad tidings to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives
    and recovery of sight to the blind,
    to let the oppressed go free” (4:18; cf. Isaiah 61:1).
    Through their powerful witness the prophets nourish and inspire the Christian ideal on the preferential option for the poor, workers’ rights, and justice and peace that can be found in Mat. 25. Why does a family have to work two or three jobs to just pay the bills? Why is the minimal wage so low and the mobility to be able to go up the economic ladder so difficult. These are things that the government has a moral obligation to respond to for the sake of the common good. We have to stop as Christ-like people vilifying the poor. They are not always innocent but God did not command us to look after the “good” least of these but only to the least of these. As we are, they are a product of their environment. Without, mentors, parents, and community support, many of the people who we would label deadbeats are just beat by the dead examples and opportunities that are presented to them. A bishop responded to a social minister complaining about the poor and how she saw them use and abuse the system – he said “Jesus said feed and take care of them so suck it up and do it.” We are to care for them because we are who we are not because of who they are. St. John Chrysostom takes it even further by saying that “Not to enable the poor to share in our goods is to steal from them and deprive them of life. The goods we possess are not ours, but theirs.” And St. Basil puts a nice spin on it by saying the excess we own from food to clothing belongs to the poor and we are the thieves that have taken it from them Here’s the exact quote “ Are you not then a robber, for counting as your own what you have received to distribute? The bread that you store up belongs to the hungry; the coat that lies in your chest belongs to the naked; the gold that you have hidden in the ground belongs to the poor.” I enjoy your great posts and inspirational messages, but today I have to respectfully disagree with you. Have a great day. May the grace continue to empower you to make a difference in many people’s lives and in the world.

    • Thanks for the comments everyone.
      Justin, I don’t anyone is
      saying that we shouldn’t provide
      assistance to those who need it. As I
      wrote in the blog and I say again
      here… I’m 100% in favor of giving to
      the disabled and the elderly and
      retired and disable Id military AND to
      people who are just getting started in
      life and those who are trying to start

      When I speak of dead beats, I am in
      full compliance with the bible on the
      topic. The apostle Paul said, “If a man
      will not work, he should not eat.” He
      also said not to support people like
      this in ANY way, so that they will feel
      shamed. The hope is that, by not
      supporting the freeloaders, we will
      build a culture that encourages

    • It is the church’s role to care for “widows and orphans”. We’ve had that role usurped by the state. That’s bad for us, and also for the “widows and orphans”.

  4. First let me say very good point in that those who can help themselves should do so. I will say that we do not do enough to help those who need it though. Putting people on programs to meet physical needs such as housing,food,etc is all fine and wonderful. What about helping address how they got to that point to start with? This is lacking big time. I know this from first hand experience.

    • Great point Jonathan! This is another reason those who CAN work should work… because there is so much we can do to help others when we are at a healthy place. Also, this is where the church can be most effective… to be far more dedicated to helping people out of addictions and destructive life patterns. Let’s make the difference friend!