Political ? – If We All Pray Why Can’t We All Agree?

A dear friend of mine, Treva Gunn posted a great question on Facebook. Here is Treva’s question and my response. I hope you will find this blog very helpful during this and all future election seasons. God bless you all.

Treva Gunn: Ok, so I’m,having a hard time. I’m struggling with this thought that there has to be one correct answer. I know not every one will agree but I was thinking and have been for a while….. If we have the mind of Christ….. And we are lead by the Spirit….. Wouldn’t we vote the same way? This is a real question. I don’t want to know who you like or plan to vote for. I just want a little feed back.

Hey Treva, this is an excellent question! Here are my thoughts…

Democratic elections give free people an opportunity to hear multiple solutions to national problems, then decide which candidate will lead us to a better future. Before anyone says, “Christ is King”… I say of course he is. In scripture, He is named King of kings (the capital K of many lower case k’s). As long as the earth remains, there will be kings, presidents, governors, etc.

It is clear from scripture and from history that things go better for countries when right and godly leaders rule. It is clear from scripture that we should pray for our government and be interested and involved in the process of choosing leaders.

Elections are usually stressful, and sadly too many Christian people refuse to get involved enough to really hear the differences in candidates so they can make an informed vote. They seem to be spiritual when they tell church people to just worship Jesus and beware of politics. I agree, that we must give greater attention to the heavenly kingdom. But we should also care deeply about what’s happening here on earth (and here in America) with matters of public policy which will greatly affect our millions of citizens.

As we seek for harmony, sometimes we must start from a place of disagreement. This is ok, this is good. It means that we each have an individual soul with our own mind, will, and emotions. The goal for each of us is to pray for the mind of Christ and wrestle with our own biases, until God’s will is impressed into our spirit. This doesn’t happen overnight.

To answer your question, I feel like it’s ok for us to disagree over which candidate is God’s choice… but if we will all sincerely give a little bit of our attention to the candidates arguments… and if we will truly pray for God to lead us in the election booth… then we have the BEST chance at more people leaning towards GOD and what He really desires for us.

As we go through this process, we must be careful not to power up on those who disagree with us. We have to realize that there is a life situation behind every personal belief… and everyone needs a chance to seek God for their beliefs, values, and choices. God is far more patient with us, than we are with each other.

We should be able to speak about our differences without the fear of losing friends. This is where we must remember that Christ IS King… and He is the answer for every American, for every human, no matter the nation’s leader, governmental structure, public policies, etc.

This is why I wrote a few weeks ago:: To me, harmony is more about mutual respect than it is about agreement. It’s about loving Christian brothers and sisters, no matter how they stand on an issue or how they vote.

Let’s keep praying Treva. God is definitely bigger than this election. No matter what happens, we have the light of the world living inside us… and the hope of eternity! Amen.

Here is a great song for this message. God Of This City, Chris Tomlin


Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make A Difference!

Chuck Balsamo

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8 thoughts on “Political ? – If We All Pray Why Can’t We All Agree?

  1. Sometimes I try to tip toe around political discussion and be that nice and coy and non-confrontational girl but most of the time my guts can’t take it and I can’t be quiet about it anymore lol. Your blog is very helpful:)