Thanksgiving: Be Rich Where It Matters

I’m bursting with gratitude! Yes, of course, my life is challenging (even terrifying) sometimes, but I am rich where it really matters! And so are you. (smile) We are loved by PEOPLE… Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, twitterers, facebookers, mentors, peers, apprentices, the church, churches, etc. We are loved by GOD… Mercy, forgiveness, grace, salvation, everlasting life, Jesus Christ, Holy […]

A Love Note To My Wife

8:10am, Thursday November 15, 2012 Dear Emily Wall Balsamo, I’m in my office working on my Christmas sermon series and I just saw a Facebook notification, that you liked a comment I made on Dorothy Langenstien Long’s wall… and I knew that you were awake. It made me smile really big and feel warm inside, just like I […]

Make Me A Legend – Christmas 2012

Make Me A Legend For The Dream of a Better Tomorrow Thank you to everyone who has read this book and loved it, and talked about it to your friends. It’s been a phenomenal first year! Make Me A Legend is starting to appear in bookstores all over the USA. Now, with more than 10,000 copies read, […]

Lay Down Your Swords & Trust Me! -God

Yesterday, President Barak Obama was re-elected for another 4 year team. Congratulations to our President and to all of his supporters! As with every election, some people are elated and others are depressed. I personally voted for Mitt Romney, but now we have an election and it is my spiritual responsibility to honor my president […]