A Love Note To My Wife

8:10am, Thursday November 15, 2012

Dear Emily Wall Balsamo, I’m in my office working on my Christmas sermon series and I just saw a Facebook notification, that you liked a comment I made on Dorothy Langenstien Long’s wall… and I knew that you were awake.

It made me smile really big and feel warm inside, just like I feel every morning when I receive your good morning text’s.

I can’t believe how much on fire I am about you after we’ve been together for like a million years. Our spark is just as it was on that magical day when we first met at Walnut Hills Campground when we were kids.

Your smiles and laughter… your optimism and happiness powers my life like Iron Man’s heart reactor!

Everyone on Facebook seems to be doing some kind of Thanksgiving challenge this week… so today and everyday, I am thankful for you!

People will read this post and assume that I’m exaggerating. They will wonder if you just did something out of the ordinary for me, or if this is a special day for us.

Nope, it’s just a regular day and you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. It’s just that you Emily Wall Balsamo are ordinarily amazing every single day of your life!

Your Best Friend,


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12 thoughts on “A Love Note To My Wife

    • I just told Emily a few minutes ago… I would like to spend a few years on the coast of Maine, in an old small town, where we rides bikes to the market… and I’d like to write a novel. If only we could live for two or three lifetimes. There are so many dreams…

  1. Beautiful. You’re love for each other glows. I pray others catch hold of the importance of their spouse in their lives. It’s normal for me to write on Facebook my love for Randy, but you wouldn’t believe how razzed I get about it. Maybe you would believe it maybe people razz you about spreading your love for Emily all over social media, but I say why not when so many don’t know or understand true love and a faithful marriage.

    • I used to get razzed, years ago before I decided to write and speak more transparently about everything in my life. Now it seems that people appreciate being able to follow my life in detail. Idk, an old friend told me not to tell everything … and I agree with him. I just figure that people can benefit from me being more open about my struggles, and my deeper feelings about life. Sometimes, people take advantage of me because of it. Thank you for appreciating my love for Emily. I admire the love that you and Randy share too. Hope you both had a very Merry Christmas!!