Make Me A Legend – Christmas 2012

Make Me A Legend
For The Dream of a Better Tomorrow

Thank you to everyone who has read this book and loved it, and talked about it to your friends. It’s been a phenomenal first year! Make Me A Legend is starting to appear in bookstores all over the USA. Now, with more than 10,000 copies read, we’re nearing the point of critical mass!

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Read this Amazon review by Author C. D. Sutherland

Chuck Balsamo’s Make Me A Legend is a tailor-made message for 21st century American-Christians, who have been domesticated by temporal comforts, fear of rejection and ridicule, and by being trained to submit and tolerate almost everything the legendary Godly people of antiquity would have resisted to their last breaths.

Chuck Balsamo presents a near-formulaic process, using popular literature, movies, social movements and sport metaphors to help us, to urge us, to embolden us to ‘untame’ ourselves.

We really don’t have to take it.

It is a call to a spiritual-revolution, which obeys the leadership of the Holy Spirit while building a multi-tier relationship network of mentors, peers, and apprentices which could very well build a “last-hour” church of epic proportions. Imagine a Christian movement, where all Christians bond together to learn, support, and teach each other the way of the perfect love of God – answering to God in all things.

“Impossible!” some might say. Really? Like freeing a captive race, parting a sea, subduing giants, rising from the grave, walking on water, or reclaiming Adam’s birthright from satan? That kind of impossible is the stuff legends are made of. Exactly.

The secular world, accustomed to corralling Christian sheep, might see such a transformational movement as being a pack of uncontrollable monsters. You might think the powers and principalities would assemble their demons and strive to crush the uprising, which sounds a bit like The Revelation to John doesn’t it. Fret not, as if you remember how it ends, that is not a bad thing. Especially when contrasted with how our culture had degraded in recent history.

I wish I had been able to read Chuck’s book 40 years ago as I slogged through many of his lessons the hard way–but alas that was not possible–it was published in 2011.

Therefore, it might be that we, along with Chuck Balsamo, were all created for just such a time as this. Maybe we will become a legendary generation the saints line up to interview when the roll is called up yonder. Or maybe we’ll just make things better.

Either way, I recommend “Make Me A Legend” to any Christian wondering what is wrong with their life, their community, and our country. Read it and join-in with the dream that together, we can make a better tomorrow.

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I pray for my friends and partners every morning. May you all have the happiest holiday season of your lives!

Dream Big,

Chuck Balsamo

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2 thoughts on “Make Me A Legend – Christmas 2012

  1. Yesterday when I was shopping at the Family Christian Store, your book just jumped out at me when I saw your name, wondering, “Is that the same Chuck Balsamo who is the pastor of Destiny Family Center who I had counseled at the “Pregnancy Help Center” about 20 years ago (now, of course, Comfort Care Women’s Health)? I then looked at the back of the book to see if that was you and saw that it was! As I flipped through the book, I came across the part where you actually mentioned me and the “handwritten letters of encouragement”! I never would have imagined in a million years that those who I had helped at CCWH would remember me so many years later, not to mention the idea of such help even being mentioned in a book. A number of years ago when I had the opportunity to hear your and Emily’s testimony at one of the annual banquets was an experience I’ll always remember. I read the part of your book entitled “About Chuck Balsamo,” I could not believe all of the different places you and Emily have traveled to around the world to preach and teach the Word of God, and I will look forward to learning more about your wonderful ministry as I read your book, your blog, and your posts on facebook.

    • Amy, that is beautiful! Yes, we definitely remember you… because your ministry to us was a turning point in our lives. It really is amazing how we all help people and we never know what they will end up doing with their lives. Thank you a million times for making a difference back then and for so many other people throughout the years. You are a beautiful person! 🙂