The Newtown Massacre: Where Is God When We Need Him?

Newtown Masacre

(AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

5:12am, morning after the Connecticut Elementary School Massacre…


…a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. (M&W)

That is what I feel in my heart this morning for the devastated people of Newtown, Connecticut.

I actually cried as I prayed when the news broke, I trembled in my bones and I lost my breath…

20 children and 6 adults massacred, terror and bloodshed… in an elementary school. I can think of nothing more chilling, more evil, or heartbreaking.

I saw a photo on (above) of a lady who held her cell phone to her ear, as she was wailing out with grief. I wondered if one of the 20 was her little man, or her little princess.

I wondered what these families had done the night before. I imagined kisses on the cheeks and bedtime conversation, “I love you sweetie,” and, “I love you too Mommy!”

I had flashbacks to the days when my Coree and Heaven were little ones, so happy and innocent, so trusting and carefree.

Then, I thought of kids in my church who are now that age… and how they run to hug me every Sunday, and they share their excitements with me, and they tell me they love me.

I went to Facebook and Twitter, and I watched with further heartache as the world reacted.

So, I posted 3 tweets and joined the global discussion:

26 dead @ a Connecticut Elementary School. I’m crying, & praying, filled with grief for the people of this community. #Newtown

Responses to violence: “gun control? there is no God?” But ppl have free will & these things will happen as godlessness increases. #Newtown

Let us pray for grace and peace.. reach out with compassion to the victims we know. May Newtown FEEL this nation’s empathy today. #Newtown

Here are some thoughts from my book about what is happening to our country…

Make Me A Legend, Chapter 6

Where Is God When We Need Him?

You may be wondering, if God is so great, then why doesn’t He do something about the devil and all the evil in this earth? That’s the age-old question, isn’t it?

I believe in God. I also believe that He is a good and loving God. I believe in His explanations of the past. I follow His instructions for a blessed life. I believe in His promise of an eternal future. I believe, that what God does in our world and in our personal lives is always done for our best—in the light of eternity.

Because there is a devil who influences the desires and actions of so many humans, we’re all making too many bad life choices that lead to awful consequences. Sometimes, we suffer the awful consequences of our own bad actions. Sometimes, our bad actions create awful consequences for other people. Other times, we suffer the awful consequences of other people’s bad actions. And yes, because of this, sometimes bad things do happen to good people.

[But, life doesn’t have to be this way. God should not be blamed for evil. He should be sought for healing, and for a better future world. His influence on people and communities can build a better tomorrow.] -added to this blog

This will come as new news to some people. God has already dealt with the true source of evil. He has made a way for us to become better people. All by Himself, God through His Son Jesus Christ made it possible for everyone to have a restored relationship with Him. We were wasting away in our sins, absolutely incapable of satisfying God’s righteous laws, and Jesus Christ lovingly and willingly lowered Himself down to this fallen world. As one of us, He did what we couldn’t do for ourselves. He lived sinlessly and died sacrificially for all who trust Him as Lord. Because of Jesus, we can become the children of God; and as such, the devil no longer has a legal right to destroy us, or use us to destroy others.

One of the amazing things about Father God is that He gives us our inheritance (a free will) so we can go do whatever we want with our lives. Yet, great freedom always comes with great responsibility. And with our freedom, we can choose to go our own way and do our own thing, and we can shut God out of our lives—as long as we can endure the pain.

[Today, more than any other time in American history, we are pushing God out of our nation. We want to live our own lives, our own way, without His interference. But when the nation goes crazy, we are so quick to throw our fists to the sky. Or we claim there is no God, because a loving God would never let anything like this happen to good people.] -added to this blog

Where is God when we need Him? He’s right where He’s always been! God is the gentle whisper in our cluttered hearts during those fleeting moments of silence. Faintly, we can feel Him nudging us to open our unused Bibles. He’s the nagging co-worker who invites us to church every Sunday. In the middle of every disaster, He is that warm and peaceful voice, telling us there has to be a better way.

The natural next question: “Then why isn’t He helping us?” Because we asked Him to keep His nose out of our lives, and out of our nation? Remember? I know, people don’t usually say it like this, and I’m sure you never intended to say it like this either, but somewhere along the way people want to live their own lives, their own way. And this is a dangerous way of existing.

In my humble opinion…

America has become a prodigal nation. We’ve pushed God out of our Schools, and we’ve thrown out morality in this new era of tolerance. We’ve produced a society that mocks God and His followers, but then grinds its teeth at Him for not preventing the godless actions of its own.

Today, let us shine a light in this dark world!

With the deepest compassion we’ve ever known, let us find a way to LOVE everyone around us. Hug your children and make sure they know you care. Reach out to the people of your community and beyond it. Be creative. Find a way to help alleviate the suffering in Newtown. Pray like you’ve never prayed for America, that God will somehow find a way back into our hearts.

Your thoughts?

With Much Love,

Chuck Balsamo

Note: You can purchase a signed copy of Make Me A Legend here, or order from Amazon, or pick up a copy at your local bookstores.

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11 thoughts on “The Newtown Massacre: Where Is God When We Need Him?

  1. Wow, so true. I just had to refrain from blogging and pray. I thought a hiatus was in order. This is a time to be still before the Lord, but it is quite clear that we have a growing element of the population who desire a secular society.

    Earlier in the day I was discussing what happened in Benghazi with a friend who said: “surely people will see the wrong in this situation.” I shook my head: “No, I’m afraid Dennis Prager describes the fact that there are two Americas now. One, that we recognize and identify with, acknowledges God and an individual’s responsibility to Him; the other does not, it is secular. That is simply another way to state the problem of men who want to deny God.

    The Academy, the media and popular culture all are aligned with the secular humanists. They will argue that religion causes things like this (suddenly discovering the Taliban they seem to have forgotten). They will rail that God cannot be because He allows evil, or that He IS evil. Of course, they will argue that He is nonexistent. They will scoff at the notion of God-defined evil as they use the evil they recognize to invalidate the notion that there is a God.

    They will run to argue for gun control or concealed carry for administrators as the best answer. They will miss what William Wilberforce saw as important as his crusade against slavery; the Reformation of Manners. I don’t mean elbows on the table here. Wilberforce saw a cruel society… cruel to animals, cruel to the African slaves, cruel to each other. In short, he saw a society that needed a work of God. He sought to enact what reforms he could in the English Parliament, but really, revival is a matter of the heart.

    Most of all, I want to be party to the healing of hearts in Newtown. The only statistics that matter right now are these: For everyone murdered there are two grieving parents, probably four grieving grandparents, dozens of other relatives, in fact, each life lost creates a hole in many lives. I pray God will fill that hole. His Word says “The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart;” — Psalm 34:18 and when I see Him so engaged, may I be drawn close to Him in His purpose.

    • Bob, same here. At first I just wept and prayed. I want to find a way to reach out to these families… and perhaps I will. This morning, after reading so many tweets and Facebook statuses from confused people, I felt inspired to write. Your comments are powerful additions to this post! Thank you as always.

  2. Pastor,
    My exact feelings! GOD is and will always be right with us! It is our chose. Knowing in my heart that Our God would never let us down. We have to reach out, open our arms, share our heart with those fallen. Spread his word , shine his light.Never ever let go for he is always right there. Yes some misbelive those are the brothers and sisters we all need to go to. Satan has very magical way’s for inventing delightful things to lure all his way. Satan is running out of time and therefore will triple his works on whom and whenever at any given time. We all must rise up and march forward and put him under our feet. TY for shareing this!

  3. Great post…..but I also like to think of God was there that day….He is seen in the rescuers, the hero’s like the teachers who protected the children, those who gave themselves sacrificially, and most of all,,,when the innocent little ones were welcomed by Jesus!

    • Most definitely, Sharon. Very good point. God is so kind and loving. He is everything that is good, always reaching out to people. I’m sure that when all of the stories are told, we will see that God was there in Newtown that day… working in mysterious, wondrous ways. God bless you!!

      • I’m still weeping over this latest tragedy. Is it because I’m a teacher? Is it because my grandsons are so close to the age of these precious children? No, it’s because God calls us to weep with those who weep. If I had the resources I’d go to newton, ct. Instead, I pray and one day I’ll write them a letter. I’ve started one many times, but the words couldn’t even convey my thoughts.

        • Great thoughts Nuala. I can’t imagine seeing this tragedy through the eyes of an elementary school teacher. We are going to write letter as well. Still praying together as a church about what we can do to help these people.