First The Playground Ark, Now Our Church Parsonage House…

DFC Parsonage - Smoldering

DFC Parsonage - Burnt

My Facebook status (edited), 3:16AM:

First someone burned down our playground ark, then someone vandalized our church bus, now tonight, someone burned down our church parsonage building.

Once a landmark estate property in Stuarts Draft, a 3500+ square foot brick two-story and slate roof house charred to the ground, and nothing remains except a few brick walls and the beautiful chimney. (a frown and a tear)

Dear God, please give a change of heart to people who do these things… and please protect our church from further attack. Please protect the beautiful, loving, and compassionate people of our congregation… and give us courage to continue with our mission… to make this community and world a better place. I still thank You for making me the pastor of Destiny Family Center. Our vision is clear and our future is bright. I thank You for our fire department and those who risked their lives for us again tonight. Bless them, and their families as they’ve willingly placed themselves in harm’s way for us.

I feel humbled. I don’t know what to think. So, I pray… with hope in my heart to a God who cares more than anyone can ever imagine. Amen.

This morning, 8:28AM:

Thank you all for your many prayers and kind comments to us. What a blessing it is to feel the love of God, through friends, in times like this. Please continue to respond with God’s love.

Material things can be replaced.

Our mission and our focus has nothing to do with things… it is about making a forever difference in the hearts and souls of people… our families, friends, and even our enemies.

This fire proves our need for churches and good-hearted Christian people.

This fire inspires me to care for people more, not less. It makes me more so thankful to God for saving me from the person I could have become. It compels me to reach out to corrupted people when they are young… before they end up hurting others and themselves.

To the people of Destiny Family Center, and to all who feel hurt with us…

Please respond with us by making a greater difference with your life this year, than any other year.

Our church has always been known for reaching out to people who are at the lowest rock bottom… to the drug dealers and addicts and people who are fresh out of jail, and those who are fresh out of divorce, and every kind of destruction imaginable. May we continue to do this, no matter what happens to us in the process.

Love is greater than hate. Mercy is greater than judgment.

Today is another beautiful day to be alive and shining for Christ. God bless you all!

Keeping The Dream Alive,

Chuck Balsamo

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32 thoughts on “First The Playground Ark, Now Our Church Parsonage House…

    • The Shield. We are raising a shield over this church… Building a wall of fire around our God sized dream. Thank you for building that wall with us!

  1. Praying for healing in the heart of whoever is doing this, that they will come to know the love that is being taught and practiced at DFC.

  2. I am praying for you this morning and I am taking the challenge: “Please respond with us by deciding to make a greater difference with your lives this year, than any other year of your life.”
    What someone meant for evil, may God use it for good.

  3. Our mission and our focus has nothing to do with things… it is about making a forever difference in the hearts and souls of people…

    Love the mission and praying for its fulfillment. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your congregation, Pastor Chuck.- Dennis Carnahan, pastor BridgePointe Community Church, Lawrence, KS.

    • Dennis, your words have brought so much comfort to me. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We feel so much GRACE on our ministry today… and confident that God will make it beautiful with time. He always does, in every situation. God bless you friend.

      Also, do you have a copy of my book? If not, I would love to mail you a free copy.

  4. Terrible. Thankful that no one was hurt. Hopefully this person will be brought to justice before someone is.

    In any case, I know that this won’t derail your ministry. Praying for you and your church.

    • Thank you Scott! I’ve always wanted to show mercy… every time something bad happens against us. I agree with you in this situation. I am not mad at whoever did this to us… but if it was an intentional fire, I do want them brought to justice… for the protection of other people. Since the building was unoccupied, we’ve had problems with people breaking in sometimes. It could have been an accidental fire caused by smoking drugs or a trespasser trying to warm themselves. I hope in either of those cases, someone did not perish in the fire.

  5. Kenneth and I are so very sorry this has happened. Praying that nothing stops you from preaching the truth. Praying that Satan would be bound in that community and the Holy Spirit within each believer would be strengthened by this. Lord have mercy on the ones who have done this.

  6. Wonderful words and such a Christ filled response. What the enemy intended for evil, may God turn it into good. We are praying for great blessing and provision for your church.

  7. this is first time that i heard the house of GOD is burned he didnt scared when he burned it he didnt know that he used only our enemy satan .. after that he will be his followers

  8. Not a member of your church but my prayers go up for you. I think your description of your ministry is so wonderful. And that is why the attack. Thank you that you still see the vision of reaching out to the hurting. God bless you!

  9. When an attack from the enemy comes, it means he’s trying to distract you or get you off track because you’re about to accomplish something great. In every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit! I know God has huge things in store for Chuck and this church!