For The Days You Want To Die

There are those days when you know that, if God doesn’t help, you don’t have enough strength within yourself to keep going. That enormous weight of responsibility, mixed with a barrage of resistance, from circumstances and people. Fear, anxiety, terror. Sometimes, it even makes you cry. And you feel like you might just disintegrate into thin air. […]

Chuck, Your Microphone Is Still ONNN! lol

Most embarrassing moments. What would life be without them! LOL, yesterday morning… I finished saying hello to the church, Levi Brown did the announcements, and I went back to my office for a quick potty break. When I opened my bathroom door, I saw that our Pug “Ming Me” was being kept in there during the service […]

Leave Your Fears Behind

This morning, I had a conversation with a lady about how her daughter was suffering in her heart… because she qualified for a team that her friends did not make. This is a time when she should be upside down with happiness, yet she’s terrified about this promotion… in the fear of how it could […]