Chuck, Your Microphone Is Still ONNN! lol

Most Embarrassing Moments

Most embarrassing moments. What would life be without them!

LOL, yesterday morning… I finished saying hello to the church, Levi Brown did the announcements, and I went back to my office for a quick potty break.

When I opened my bathroom door, I saw that our Pug “Ming Me” was being kept in there during the service (long story).

So I said (in the worse kind of doggie talk), “Oh, what do we have heeeerreee? Is there a mingeeeeeeee in here. Is there a mingeeeeee? Ok, watch out, back up, I don’t want to get this on you!”

And, I started to GO… and then, there was a loud knock on my bathroom door.

It kind of startled me, so I yelled out, “Hold on I’m peeing!”

And my wife (Emily Wall Balsamo) yelled back to me, “Your microphone is still ONNN!” lol




It turns out that I had entered my bathroom just as Levi started his prayer for the offering, and my microphone was much louder than his.

So he stopped the prayer to figure out why I was talking over him, and everyone in the church listened. That’s when Emily took off running to my office!

Eventually, Jon Higginbotham muted my channel after he figured out I was in the bathroom.

I never wanted to walk back out into the sanctuary again. I was terrified! lol

I think this registers on my list of top 5 most embarrassing moments.

Hahahaha, another fun day Destiny Family Center!

Has anything like this ever happened to YOU?

I’m sure you have a few stories.

Don’t be shy! lol

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I’ll be waiting for your comments…


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18 thoughts on “Chuck, Your Microphone Is Still ONNN! lol

  1. We were at the laundromat with the boys when they were younger, Spencer had to use the bathroom but it was occupied. We waited for the person to finish and when the door opened a Hispanic gentleman came dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, and hat. Spencer says ” Look dad, it’s a cowboy!”
    They went into the bathroom and Spencer made a comment about the smell lol when he as finished they walked back past the guy and Spencer stopped and pointed at the man and very loudly says ” Cowboy stinky daddy. Stinky cowboy”
    Sadly the floor did not open and swallow me that day, I had to finish laundry and avoid eye contact with this man because my son had just humiliated me.

  2. Hey Chuck! No worries…its all part of the journey and the adventure! It brought to mind an incident from when I was in 5th grade. I took guitar lessons then and we had two events coming up. At the first one, we were to play the guitar on stage with our classmates that were taking guitar, and at the other, we were to go as a group to hear a famous guitar player and some other artists. Well, I practiced and practiced for the first event, and on the night I went to it, I got to dress up and take my guitar and go in the building feeling prepared and excited. When I got in the building, I quickly became aware that I had mixed up the two events and had brought my guitar to play to the wrong place.

    Our group was sitting on the front row, and I had to walk down the aisle with my guitar I joined my friends and could not concentrate for the rest of the night, thinking about how embarrassed I was and how I had made such a stupid mistake! When the event was over, I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t want to walk back up the aisle with my friends and let everyone in the audience know how ridiculous it was that I brought my guitar to this event. I was frozen in fear! However, one of my friends stepped up and said, “I’ll carry it!” And she did…she marched right up that aisle with confidence, and in doing so, she redeemed the moment and encouraged her friend. I was so happy and relieved!

    Now, this story may seem trivial, and I’ve never even shared it except with my husband. I don’t even know now why that made me feel so embarrassed – it seems so unimportant now, and in light of my whole journey in life. Maybe God had me remember it for this moment. Just remember, what embarrasses now is only a blip in your life and not the major life event that you think it is at the time. God’s Spirit quickens us to know that, like my friend who saved me, He is always there to bear the hard times in our lives, and He will cause us as we grow and move forward to look back and say, “What in the world did that even matter!!?” Its just a funny memory now, and something I will probably use to encourage others one day. Happy day! You are awesome!

    • Hazel, this is HILARIOUS!

      I had something similar happen with a funeral about 5 years ago. I walked in to the wrong funeral and sat down. Didn’t know there were two happening in the same building at the same time. There was a very small crowd… and everyone knew everyone, so I stood out!

      When the preacher started to talk about this WOMAN, and how she was a great mother and grandmother… I realized I was in the wrong place. The MAN I was supposed to be paying my last respects was a FATHER and GRANDFATHER.

      The doors were already closed and I was sitting way up front… so I stayed and pretended to be interested. When it was over, a lady asked how I knew the deceased… and I had to tell her what happened! LOL

      Thanks for sharing your story. It gave me a good laugh!!

  3. Chuck,

    I have to say that my wife and I got a good laugh out of reading this one. We just imagined how worse it could have been for you. lol

    Well my most embarrassing moment is probably one of my most growing moments. It was the first time I was ever going to speak in front of a group. It was only for 5 minutes but it was in front of 150+ people. I named my talk, if you could change anything from your past, would you.

    I wanted it to show my story and how if I changed anything that Sandy and I would not be married. Sounds good right? Well remember this was my first ever speech and the day of the speech, I made a few changes. uh oh right? You got it. lol

    I walked up to the podium and I had my paper with my speech to read and my hands shook so bad I lost track of my place so I laid the paper down on the podium to read it like that. The only problem was the podium was short so I could not see it.

    I was frozen in time and didn’t know what to do. It was only 5 minutes remember so all this happened very fast. About a minute in it, I am in tears saying sorry to everyone. I said please bare with me. I tried to go further and all I could do was studder because I was scared to death by this point. Sandy said she was wish she could have helped me at that moment. I knew I could not walk off the stage until I finished because if I did I would never get back up again. I knew this moment could change my life for the good or for the bad.

    These were business leaders I was in front of. It was a group called Young Professionals. About halfway through I took a deep breath and said, well if you all don’t get anything else out of this, you will at least get a good laugh. The crowd all laughed at that and then I was finally able to relax and from that point everyone said I nailed the rst of my speech.

    I learned a lot from that. One thing is don’t make your first speech in front of 150 people. lol another is don’t change what you say on the day of the speech. Also I have lerned that I work better either winging it or having a few notes. Having my whole speech with me written out does not work for me at all.

    I have learned the most important lesson and that was that no matter what, life is good and even when you make mistakes, you can get through them because it isn’t the end of the world.

    Chris Benton

    • Awesome Chris. I always love it when you weigh in. It seems that many people have accumulated their most embarrassing moments while public speaking! lol

      • Haha, there are too many embarrassing moments all vouching for those top five spots. One of the most embarrassing speaking moments for me was when I was at First Assembly, Lanham Md. I fell off the stage while I was praying… not ONCE, but TWO times in the same service! Almost fell on the communion table that was set up for communion that day! lol