Hear From God Today & Everyday, Guaranteed!

Hear God

Over the years, I have learned to distinguish between my own intuition and God’s desires inspired in me. Don’t think me crazy, but God always speaks to me when I listen.

I don’t normally hear audible words, but I always have a strong consciousness of God’s influence in my life… as long as I am listening.

Sometimes I forget to listen. Sometimes, I fail to silence the background noises.

Modern life is loud and obnoxious. If you want to hear from God, then you must escape the noise.

God speaks for many reasons:

  • He affirms His love for us.
  • He shows us where we can change and become better people.
  • He inspires us to be act with compassion towards suffering people.
  • He reveals His master plan to us, and the next steps we should be taking.
  • He gives us peace during the storms of life.
  • He offers us brilliant strategies for all situations.
  • He enjoys talking to us as much as we enjoy talking to Him.
  • He also speaks to us for a million other reasons.

The Bible uses the term “prophecy” as a label for God’s messages to people. A prophecy is simply a message from God.

Sadly, throughout the years, fearful Christians have banned the avenue of prophecy. It’s true, there have been many abuses. We’ve all witnessed the devastating effects of  false prophet.

But still, God wants to speak.

There are ways to protect yourself from false messages.

  • Know that prophecy will never violate the written scriptures.
  • Know also, that the way of character is the will of God.
  • This means that God will never ask you to do something that is immoral or out of good character.

You can learn to distinguish between your own intuition and God’s messages to you.

Remember, I titled this post, “Hear From God Today & Everyday, Guaranteed!”

Here is a great tip…

To actually hear God’s messages, you should discover your primary learning style.

  • Are you mostly kinesthetic (you feel), audio (you hear), or visual (you see)?

This is very important, because God communicates to you either in the form of strong impressions (kinesthetic), or as words in your mind (audio), or through visions and dreams (especially to people who are visual, verses audio or kinesthetic).

Get to know yourself a better, and you will find that you are also better at hearing from GOD.

Here is a powerful verse from the Bible about the importance of prophecy. The apostle Paul spoke these words to the young Pastor Timothy.

“Timothy, my son, here are my instructions for you, based on the prophetic words spoken to you earlier. May THEY [the prophecies] give you confidence to fight well in the Lord’s battles.” (1 Timothy 1:18 NLT)

Hmm, sounds like prophecy was a very big deal in Pastor Timothy’s life.

Your thoughts? Let’s talk about it!

Dream Big,


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2 thoughts on “Hear From God Today & Everyday, Guaranteed!

  1. Thanks for this blog. Really timely and helpful. Needing God’s guidance on something and failing to hear so am going to take on board your teaching 🙂