Preventing Another 911

On every September 11, America shivers with the images 9-11-2001. It’s the day when our invincibility came into question. Until then, we felt safer within our borders than anywhere in the world. But, when our hijacked planes (loaded with civilians) crashed at their civilian targets like war missiles, we experienced a terror we had never known.

I walked the streets of NY City just a few weeks after it happened. People held up poster images of their loved ones, wishing for a miracle. Bearded prophets chanted on the corners to anyone who would listen. They spoke about the end of the world. It’s then you realize how evil and unpredictable this world has become.

The masses in our country cried for progress. “Throw off the chains of tradition and religion… the churches are standing in our way!”

They wanted a new America. And they got it.

They blindfolded God, tied His arms behind his back and walked Him into a closet.

They didn’t realize how much He had protected them to that point.

“One attack. We will rebuild, and we will get smarter and stronger. We will never let this happen again.”

And then years pass without incident, and we all feel safer. But most of us cannot see how vulnerable we really are. I have been feeling for some time, that we are on the brink of something terrible.

The hope is that good will always triumph over evil.

But then you open your eyes to the reality of radical terror and how it has spread since then, and you see that our world has cancer. Without intervention, that cancer will strike at America again… and again. It will spread through this land like a fire until it has consumed us to ashes.

The wars are not for geography. There is a spiritual force behind each government in the world. The wars are between good and evil; light and darkness; God and Satan. People are lining up on both sides of the line. There is no neutral zone.

There is a battle for the heart of every nation.

There is a battle for the heart of America. If we are going to side with the light, then let’s do that all the way. If we are going to be good, then let’s be very good. If we are going to be a light to the world, then let’s shine brightly. If we are going to be God’s, then let us be completely and unashamedly His.

To prevent another 9-11, we need something more than a strong government and military.

We need God’s loving, guiding, protecting hand.

Even if you don’t believe in God or serve Him, you should not squash those who do. Instead, we should all find a way to thank God for whatever blessing He may have bestowed upon is to this point. We should welcome Him, honor Him, love Him, and serve Him as much as we each know how.

Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people. (Provers 14:34 NLT) Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT)

I pray that America will look up to God and thank Him.

That she will humble herself to Him, and turn back to Him. I pray specifically for our president and congress, concerning the situation in Syria. God is bigger than political parties and popular opinion. He knows what’s best for us. He still has a plan for America.

We need Him.

Make A Difference,


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10 thoughts on “Preventing Another 911

  1. I was an EMT working on an ambulance in Jersey– right across the river— we couldn’t get off the truck … We were in such a state.. We ran outside.. And watched the second plane hit– then the collapse of it all.. STUNNED, SPEECHLESS!! I was backslid den at the time.. But thru working this situation, and dealing with the emotional and spiritual issues that flew out of it.. THE LORD DREW ME KINDLY, mercifully back to Himself.. So much was lost.. And yet my seemingly insignificant life was sustained !! I will forever lift my eyes to Calvary.. To view the cross , where Jesus died for me…. Tears…. I indeed pray with you , Chuck, this nation must return to Him….bless you, brother. (Shere Schoener)

    • Shere, that’s amazing. I can feel the strong passion in your words this morning. You are a strong voice in this region for Christ. I’m praying for you, and thanking God for you. Sometimes, our efforts seem futile, but God is working through us, and people like us. May we shine more brightly than ever before, and greatly impact our generation before we leave. God bless you too!

  2. Well said, Chuck… I see 4 things from 2 Chronicles… we need to humble ourselves as a nation, pray for guidance, seek His face and His favor on our nation, and turn from our sinful ways. This is more that just loving and honoring Him. It is our response… it is realizing our part in this warring world, getting on our knees before His throne, and acknowledging that we cannot do this on our own. And it is up to US, the believers, MY people, those who are called by My name, to start this revolution. I don’t know if our President is a God-fearing man. By his words he is, but by his actions, I am not convinced. Our prayer for the President should be one of guidance, yes, but our prayer should also be that he humbles himself and seeks the will of God.

    • Lisa, that’s perfect. If I had written another 200 words, I would said exactly the same thing. By the way, you are an exceptional writer. God bless you today!

  3. This is a time for hope…. that our country will see the destruction we’ve brought upon ourselves and turn their hearts to our only Hope … our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Bring Him to all we know and meet through our love for Christ and His sacrificial love for us. Be Christ to all. Have peace in our hearts and Trust “He is in Control”. Thank you Chuck for your inspiration.

  4. Come on. Return to God? At what point in American history do you contend the U.S. was right with God? Until we realize that there is only one Christian nation in this world, the church, we will continue to promote an alternative gospel. And to think that we can blindfold God, tie his hands behind his back and shove him into a closet gives God far too little credit and us far too much.

    • Mark, thank you for commenting! From your words, it seems that you are a calvinist. If so, then we you and I will have a very hard time find a middle ground. Nevertheless, I respect your thoughts, and I thank you for stopping in.

      When I say that America was a Christian nation, I should say that we were a nation of Christians. No nation is ever perfect. Of course, there is corruption in ever man made, man led, government. I am referencing a time when America was clearly more focused on God than we are today. A time when our citizens and our leaders looked to Him for blessing and protection… a time when He was given public credit for our success.

      In scripture, from cover to cover, there is a clear blessing promised to such nations. My point is that America is walking out of the blessing.

      In this, we have figuratively said to God, “Back up, no more blessing from you, we declare our spiritual independence… you are not the God that we prayed to when we founded this nation, you are not the God we looked to for wisdom and protection… and you are not the God of our people today. We have become a nation of many religions.”

      I believe that there is a point, when we have made our stand with God… and He will finally say to this nation, enough, I can’t bless you anymore. This is what I meant when I used the figurative phrase, “Blindfolded God.”

      This post was written to encourage believers to be more active in our faith through God’s grace, that we might turn things around.

      Even though we disagree on some points, we are Christian and that makes us brothers. Let’s pray for nation as Paul instructed us in Romans 13. God bless you.