We’re Blessing 2500 People In 25 Days

Our church is blessing 2500 people in 25 days! We’re only asking for 100 people to commit. But, maybe we can make it 1000 people giving 25,000 gifts for 25,000 testimonies in 25 days. Can we count you in??

Simply choose ONE PERSON or FAMILY each day that you want to bless. Be random, creative, and courageous. If you’re on a limited budget, give the gifts that don’t cost money. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Visit a lonely elderly person (with or without a wrapped gift).
  • Praise your waitress with a gigantic tip.
  • Buy lunch for the person in line behind you.
  • Drop off a wrapped gift at your neighbor’s house.
  • Mend an old friendship with the gift of forgiveness.
  • Leave a gift in the mailbox for your mail carrier.
  • Bake cookies and give them away (if you make good cookies, lol).
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken with in years.
  • Go eat lunch with a child at school (with parents permission).
  • Find a person who is going through rough times, invite them to coffee, and listen.
  • Take a bag of groceries to a single parent’s house.
  • Watch someone’s kids and send mom and dad on date night with a restaurant gift card.
  • Give movie tickets to a family.
  • Invite someone to your house for dinner.

On December 1-25 use hashtag #25DaysOfGiving on Twitter and Facebook to inspire others with your giving experiences. Post photo’s when possible.

Here is a story to get it started:

A few days ago, I was buying lunch at the Charlotte Airport and a very sweet lady told me it was her birthday. So, I whispered shhh, and handed her $20. I’ll never forget her reaction. #25DaysOfGiving

Christianity is not completely satisfying when it’s centered on you. It only really works when you reach the “give yourself away” level. Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you. To be great, be a servant to others. To find your life, lose it (or, give it away).” I have tested these verses and found them to be true.

But you might say, who am I that I can bless anyone else? What do I have to give? If you will ask God to help you help others, He will do that! Just think, we can be like Santa’s elves. Even better, we can be like real disciples of Jesus!

Now, write a list of 25 people you want to bless. Leave room to be spontaneous with the people you meet. Start each morning with this prayer: Dear God, make me a significant blessing to someone today. Then, let the giving begin. Post your stories to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #25DaysOfGiving. That’s it!

Please comment this blog with your thoughts and ideas.

Have fun!!

Dream Big,


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    • I hope so! Facebook hash tagging is inconsistent. I’m a little concerned about that. But there are AT LEAST 40 posts and a few hundred likes and comments with #25DaysOfGiving already.