The Noah Movie – Are You Missing The Real Opportunity?

I’ve read through a plethora of negative reviews from Christians on the social network. I think I’m sticking my neck on a chopping block, but here are my thoughts just in case anyone cares to know. lol The Noah movie wasn’t written and produced by Billy Graham and Pope Francis. It comes to us from […]

Is The Bible Written By Two Gods?

Have you ever wondered how God could be so cruel and merciless in the Old Testament, and yet, so loving and merciful in the New Testament? At a fast glance, it could seem like the Bible was written by two gods. Am I right? In January, I started to read the Bible again. It’s been […]

LA Dream Center Turning Nightmares Into Dreams

I hate to think about how many details I’ll forget with time. I’m looking out my window at the city of LA. The view is spectacular. I am at the pinnacle of my life. It’s like I want to die right here, because I want to freeze yesterday for all eternity. But then God says, you […]