The Noah Movie – Are You Missing The Real Opportunity?

I’ve read through a plethora of negative reviews from Christians on the social network. I think I’m sticking my neck on a chopping block, but here are my thoughts just in case anyone cares to know. lol

The Noah movie wasn’t written and produced by Billy Graham and Pope Francis. It comes to us from people who are outside of the faith. Of course it’s biblically inaccurate. I explained this to our church several times during my Noah Message Series: Surviving The End at DFC.

When I see this film on Monday, I’m looking for those moments when I can say, “Wow, this is really how it could have been!” I want to see myself through Noah’s eyes, as I go about to save my world. I hope for at least one big spiritual epiphany and a resulting encounter with God.

I also expect to be irritated just like everyone else, about how God is depicted in certain scenes. Maybe much more than irritated.

Maybe, I’ll want to join with so many others in damning this movie straight to hell.

But… (brace yourself)

Why focus on how much you hate this movie, and miss a huge opportunity to start up real discussions with real people about who God really is?

Some people live on a soap box, ranting about the things they hate. Who knows, maybe they’re doing good in some bizarre way… like shoving back the tide of evil or something.

But, I think there is a better way. That is, to seize the better opportunity!

A Better Response

Wipe off your angers. Chill out! Pray about it. See the bigger picture. Millions of people around the world are watching a movie about Noah! They have questions.

They might want to talk about it.

And, so far all they’re getting from us is a bunch of “God Hates The Noah Movie” signs waving in their faces.

I suggest you channel your energies in another direction. 

First, go see the movie. Or not. That’s up to you.

Then, start up meaningful, heartfelt conversations about Noah with your family and friends. In humility, ask real questions and have real discussions. Like…

  • Did you see the Noah film?
  • What did you think?
  • How did it make you feel about God?
  • What is your religious background?
  • What are your questions about the God of the Bible?

Do you see what I mean? Do you see the difference you can make?

Or, you can stand there waving your sign.

Haha, don’t hate me too. I’m just giving you an alternative response. Maybe I’m wrong. But I doubt it. What would Jesus do?

Question: How are you impacting unchurched and unbelieving people? Leave a comment.

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10 thoughts on “The Noah Movie – Are You Missing The Real Opportunity?

  1. Love it! So true….focusing on the negative only gives room for more negative….I am glad Hashem is not like many believers! Not to bash…but where is the wisdom on actually reaching hearts? Not intellectually but the heart….thankful for your courage to speak love and wisdom!!!

  2. I totally agree. It seems that we often miss out on opportunities to start discussions because we are so focused on what we feel is righteous anger or indignation.
    Of course it isn’t going to be completely biblically correct. The Noah story covers only a few short chapters, and that would make for an awfully short movie. For those that have been to Sight and Sound theatre and seen the production of Noah, I would think people would have the same complaint. They took the story and made it into a several hours long play with many characters that didn’t appear in the biblical telling. And that’s okay. I’m interested too in how Noah is portrayed. And if I don’t agree with something, then I can just tell myself that I know the REAL story, and not get so hung up on the details.

  3. You are right Chuck!
    The way to win friends is to ask questions. Find out what they think and why they think that way.
    Build bridges not walls!

  4. I shared this blog post on facebook. Of course many of my Christian friends and family commented, but I received this comment in a private message today from one of my Jewish friends in California. Your words reach a wide audience Chuck!

    I liked the post you shared from your pastor about the Noah movie. A reasonable perspective, IMHO. Not that you asked, but conversations rarely happen between two adamantly angry people. A true interest and willingness to listen is a wonderful way to engender connections, trust and beyond. I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t know that I will. But, I think we can remember that it’s just one guy’s idea. (Or group of guys) I hope this movie doesn’t really upset or hurt people’s feelings as I’m thinking it may be. That would be sad.